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PSA has established a free-standing Leadership Committee to share knowledge, develop resources, and establish industry best practices for the benefit of PSA Owners. The committee explores ways to facilitate excellence in leadership and drive leadership development programs focused communication, collaboration and connection.

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"Smart Tribes" author Christine Comaford Interview - Fortune Leadership Summit 2015
Christine Comaford discusses 3 things needed for trust to exist and being a more effective leader.
5 Presentation Tips from CEO Keynotes at CES - Forbes
Smart gadgets were all the buzz at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
Breaking Down Organizational Silos
The boundaries or silos that exist in organizations today - between managers and employees, customers and suppliers and across functions and geographies - are difficult to breach. The Leadership Committee discussed how to harness the right mix of knowledge and skills to break down silo barriers.
Building Your Team for a Service Minded Culture by Barbara Shaw
SDM Magazine article from PSA about leadership and building team that has a service minded focus by Barbara Shaw.
FY 2017 Leadership Committee Chairman Update
Christine Lanning, Founder, Integrated Security Technologies, Inc. The purpose of the leadership committee is to address the challenges that PSA owners, employees, customers, and end users face in planning, developing, and implementing effective leadership.
FY20: Direct or Dotted? Managing Successfully in a Matrix Organization
In many of today?s organizations, managers and employees work in a matrix reporting structure and have departed from the old structure where there was one boss.
FY20: Leadership Committee - 10 Lessons I've Learned about Leading a Business During the COVID-19 Experience
Shaun Castillo, President of Preferred Technology and Chairman of the Leadership Committee, shares 10 lessons that he's learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.
FY20: LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE - Recommended Books for Leaders
This list of books was hand picked by the members of the PSA Leadership Committee. Members of the Committee chose these books because of the influence that they've had personally or within the industry.
Learn about the direction and work of the PSA Security Network Leadership Committee with an FY20 update from Chairman Shaun Castillo.
FY20: Leadership Lessons Learned
Read about the 3 most important leadership lessons that industry leaders from PSA's Leadership Committee have learned in their careers.
FY20: MEET THE MEMBERS Leadership Committee
Meet the Members of the FY20 PSA Security Network Leadership Committee through member pictures and biographies.
FY20: Qualities of Effective Teams: Project Aristotle - Google's Study on Effective Teams
What is the difference between a successful team and ones which failed? How can you ensure that your current team is a positive one? Google conducted such a study and has identified five dynamics of effective teams. Brendan McFall of the PSA Leadership Committee highlights the results.
FY2018 Leadership Committee Chairman Update
Nigel Waterton, Chairman of PSA's Leadership Committee, shares his insights on what's to come from the Committee over the upcoming year.
FY2018 Leadership Committee Chairman Update
Nigel Waterton, Chairman of PSA's Leadership Committee, shares his insights on what's to come from the Committee over the upcoming year.
FY2019 Leadership Committee Chairman Update
The PSA Leadership Committee is excited to embark on another year-long journey with you. A wonderful and diverse group of proven leaders from across the industry make up the committee. We will eagerly fulfill our duties of sharing knowledge, delivering resources, and establishing industry-best practices.
Meet the Members of the FY21 PSA Security Network LEADERSHIP Committee through member pictures and biographies.
FY21: LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE - The Power of Peer Groups
Shaun Castillo, President of Preferred Technologies and Chair of the PSA Leadership Committee, discusses how he improved himself and his business by getting involved in peer groups.
Shaun Castillo, President of Preferred Technologies and PSA Leadership Committee Chairman, provides an update on the committee for the 2021 term!
PSA is dedicated to empowering its owners and customers to become the most successful systems integrators in the markets they serve. In support of this mission, PSA has established a Leadership Committee to share knowledge, foster collaboration, develop resources, and establish industry best practices for navigating the competitive marketplace.
Harvard Business Leadership Blog
Harvard Business Leadership Blog
Innovation in Leadership Development - Whitepaper
Mannaz published the findings of their latest research into Innovation in Leadership Development which provides quantitative and qualitative data regarding current trends in Executive and Leadership Development internationally.
It's Your Ship Book Review and Summary - PSA Leadership Committee
Mary Feury, President and Owner, Altec Systems,?shares a summary and review of "It's Your Ship" by?Captain D. Michael Abrashoff, former Commander, USS Benfold.
John Maxwell's Leadership Wired (Blog)
John Maxwell's Leadership Blog
Management Concepts Free Webinars
You can access these pre-recorded online learning sessions, facilitated by Management Concepts experts, at your convenience to increase your knowledge and improve performance.
PSA Committees: 90 Terms and Acronyms Your Team Needs to Know
The PSA Committees wrap up the 2017/2018 term with a glossary of terms and acronyms that are useful to companies and individuals in the physical security industry.
PSA Leadership Committee TEC 2018
PSA TEC 2018 was an amazing conference with top-notch quality education. Some of the best sessions and highest registered were hosted and delivered by PSA?s Committees. PSA?s Leadership Committee hosted 2 panel education sessions: How to Create a Culture of Accountability and Performance Reviews: Annual or Consistent Feedback. These panels were delivered by industry experts and peers who shared their experiences and insights into being better leaders in their organizations and in the industry.
PSA TEC 2017 - Joint Committee Session Summary: Providing Cyber Ready Solutions and Services for Successful Lifecycle Project Implementation
Security integrators need to be equipped to handle the increasing importance of cybersecurity risks when implementing projects. Unfortunately, many security products out there today have vulnerabilities and were never built with cybersecurity in mind
PSA TEC 2017 - Leadership Committee Session Summary
PSA's Leadership Committee hosted 2 sessions at PSA TEC 2017: Leadership Lessons Learned - Where Did they Come From & Create a Shared Purpose. Read the executive summary from these sessions.
PSA TEC 2019 Leadership Committee Executive Summary
Read about PSA's Leadership Committee sessions at PSA TEC 2019!
Retaining a Flexible & Fresh Perspective on the Job by Barbara Shaw
SDM Magazine article from PSA about leadership and retaining a flexible and fresh perspective on the job by Barbara Shaw.
Team Building for Harmony
Christine Lanning, Founder, Integrated Security Technologies, Inc. The Northland Challenge is a team building/community service project conceptualized by PSA integrator Northland Controls. Christine shares her experience after 8 days of navigation.
TEC2016 Leadership Committee Executive Summary
This session was comprised of a powerful network of industry peers who will shared their experiences and perspectives on the role of the leader in addressing present-day matters impacting the strategic direction of your business.
TED Talks - Everyday Leadership
We have all changed someone's life - usually without even realizing it. In this funny talk, Drew Dudley calls on all of us to celebrate leadership as the everyday act of improving each other's lives.
TED Talks - How to Make Stress Your Friend
Psychologist Kelly McGonigal urges us to see stress as a positive, and introduces us to an unsung mechanism for stress reduction: reaching out to others.
TED Talks - Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe
Management theorist Simon Sinek talks about what makes a great leader.
The Curve Ahead: Discovering the Path to Unlimited Growth by Dave Power
This book will help SMEs overcome the growth hump by providing tools to succeed and thrive.
The Top 10 Complaints from Employees about their Leaders - Harvard Business Review
If you're the kind of boss who fails to make genuine connections with your direct reports, take heed:
Thoughts on Mentoring
Bruce Pontier, VP & Regional General Manager from Securadyne Systems shares his experiences on mentoring.
Turn the Ship Around! - Review
Leaders of all levels from the PSA integrator ranks assembled for a PSA Book Club dialog. The book in review was Turn the Ship Around! by Captain L. David Marquet.
Why Your Boss Lacks Emotional Intelligence - Forbes
Over the past century, the heartless, no-nonsense CEO has become something of an icon - and a cliche - in American society.

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Meet the Members of the FY20 PSA Security Network Leadership Committee through member pictures and biographies.
Meet the Members2017 - Leadership
Meet the 2017 Leadership Committee.

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360 Degree Leadership - Shad McPheters
This Leadership Inner Circle Presentation will give you a more indepth look into 360 Degree Leadership based on John Maxwell's book: The 360 Degree Leader.
BLC Rising Star Awards
PSA Security Network partnered with NSCA at the Business and Leadership Conference to award rising stars within the industry an all expense paid trip to the conference.
Building Your 2019 Sales Plan
Chris Peterson is the Principal, Speaker and Consultant for Vector Firm, a company in security and IT that improves modern-day sales & marketing performance. In this presentation, Chris discusses the importance of building a sales plan.
Coaching VS Mentoring - Bruce Pontier
Bruce Pointier of Securadyne gives you a more in depth look into coaching versus mentoring.
Committees Thank You 2016
PSA Security Network thanks 2016 Committee members and highlights committee accomplishments
Defining Leadership - Lorne Bjorgan
Lorne Bjorgan of Design Electronics shares his definition of leadership and discusses how to lead by example, exhibiting fair but firm interactions, illustrating compassion, maintaining a positive attitude and offering to be a coach or mentor.
Delegation - Christine Lanning
Christine Lanning of Integrated Security Technologies discusses developing leadership delegation skills.
Developing High Performing Volunteer Leadership Teams
Join the PSA Leadership Committee for this impressive presentation from Stetracon President, Jeffrey Slotnick, CPP, PSP. Jeffrey discusses how to develop high performing volunteer leadership teams.
First, Take Care of Each Other
Mike Kobelin, VP Western Region at Tech Systems Inc., discusses the article First, Take Care of Each Other from the Tugboat Institute's Evergreen Journal with the PSA Leadership Committee.
FY20: LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE- Seven Steps to Develop Greater Employee Retention and Engagement
Mike Barbagelata, President McMillan Security & PSA Leadership Committee Member, discusses the seven steps to improve employee retention and engagement at your company!
FY20: Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) Presentation for PSA Leadership Committee
In this presentation, Chuck Wilson (NSCA) reviews the formation of the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools as well as the groups vision and mission to promote a safer school environment.
FY21 LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE: Embracing the Latest Security Technology
John Nemerofsky, COO of SAGE Integration and PSA Leadership Committee Member, discusses 5 of the latest security technologies with the members of the committee.
Google's Project Oxygen
Brendan McFall, Technical Engineering Manager at Northland Controls and PSA Leadership Committee member, discusses how google set out to prove that managers aren't needed but their findings showed something surprising.
How to Stop Defending What Isn't Working
Nigel Waterton, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Development for Aronson Security Group, presents on How to Stop Defending What Isn't Working.
Leadership - Employee Recognition
Bill Bozeman discusses recognition ideas for your employees and suggests two books for ideas.
PSA Leadership Committee: Leadership Persepctive with John Coovert
This PSA Leadership Committee presentation is a guest presentation from John Coovert, Head of Physical Security for SAP Americas. John shares his key attributes and characteristics leaders should possess. Listen to John Coovert's Leadership perspective!
Success or Failure: Why?
Bill Bozeman discusses how integration firms can be successful or a failure and why.
Successful Leadership - Mary Feury
Mary Feury of Altec Systems gives you a more in-depth look into Successful Leadership techniques based on John Maxwell's book: How Successful People Lead.
Team Building - David Sullivan
David Sullivan from SDI Solutions discusses teambuilding