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PSA has established a free-standing Sales & Marketing Committee to share knowledge, develop resources, and establish industry best practices for the benefit of PSA Owners. The committee assists PSA integrators in navigating the competitive marketplace by strategizing goals, plans, teams and messaging.

5 Things to Do After a Tradeshow
Sharon Shaw, Client Development Manager for Tech Systems, Inc. describes what you should do after a tradeshow.
9 Places to Get Awesome Pictures Online for Free (and Without Copyright Restrictions)
Everyone knows the clickability of an article or blog increases dramatically with the right image. But despite the fact that there are billions of digital pictures, it seems that finding high-quality images is still a challenge. Enter a number of sites that offer some truly unique and stunning images for free. Here, I've prioritized the ones that make it easy to search. Sometimes it's nice to get lost in beautiful images, but when you're under a time crunch and need the right image now, you don't have time to mess around.
FY2017 Sales & Marketing Committee Chairman Update
Sharon Shaw, Client Development Manager, Tech Systems, Inc. Whether you have a tenured staff or seasoned sales professionals, or an up-and-coming group of enthusiastic rookies, we are dedicated to building them us so you can continue to grow and prosper.
PSA TEC 2017 - Joint Committee Session Summary: Providing Cyber Ready Solutions and Services for Successful Lifecycle Project Implementation
Security integrators need to be equipped to handle the increasing importance of cybersecurity risks when implementing projects. Unfortunately, many security products out there today have vulnerabilities and were never built with cybersecurity in mind
PSA TEC 2017 - Sales & Marketing Committee Session Summary
PSA's Sales & Marketing Committee hosted 3 sessions at PSA TEC: (1) New to Security? 10 Things Every Sales Professional Should Know Before Making Sales Calls, (2) From Sales Rockstar to Superstar, (3) Marketing Content Development - A Workshop for Security Professionals.
PSATEC2016 Executive Summary Secrets of Synergy Between Sales & Operations
Hosted by the PSA Project Management and Sales & Mktg. Committees, this interactive session will empower sales reps and project managers with ideas for protecting margins, managing customer expectations, and developing good communication systems with stakeholders from pre-sales meetings through delivery
Selling with Aloha
Dieter Giblin, Security Consultant for Integrated Security Technologies, Inc. shares his experience of selling with Aloha.
Taking Commodity to Value
Dieter Giblin, Security Consultant, Integrated Security Technologies, Inc. shares tips on how to avoid being a 'JASR,' otherwise known as 'Just Another Sales Rep' in "Taking Commodity to Value."
TEC2016 S&M Executive Summary - Being Busy is Boring - Finding Focus is Fabulous!
This interactive workshop, facilitated by PSA's Sales & Marketing Committee, focused on developing a plan to improve sales & marketing results by applying knowledge gained from the week at TEC.
TEC2016 S&M Executive Summary - Branding From the Inside Out
Is your brand consistently portraying the right image? We all work so hard developing our culture and setting standards for our performance, but is our greatness what others see?
TEC2016 S&M Executive Summary - How Was I Supposed to Know
In this introduction to the PSA Security Network and security industry, the Sales and Marketing committee provided valuable information and tools to jumpstart the TEC experience.

Building Your Brand - Marketing Guide
Building Your Brand: Seven Steps for Success is a starting point to help your company determine the best approach for increasing brand awareness, visibility, and memorability using available time, money, and resources.
Building Your Brand Awareness
Hosted by the PSA Sales & Marketing Committee, this interactive roundtable at TEC 2015 focused on different approaches for building brand visibility, awareness, and memorability
Case Study: Creating a Basic Marketing Video for Recruiting
Robbie Danko, Marketing Manager, Low Voltage Contractors. PSA's Sales & Marketing Committee wanted to find ways to increase the content output for websites and social media channels and increase the engagement with their posts. Reacher is showing us that video was a great way to achieve better engagement results.
Compensation Programs that Drive Results
Produced by the PSA Sales & Marketing Committee at TEC 2015, this panel discussion featured PSA owners as subject matter experts offering insights on how to drive results without driving away your best sales representatives.
Infographic: Conducting Client Interviews
The Sales and Marketing series of infographics continues with seven key steps to leverage when conducting client interviews. This new resource is the third in a series of graphical resources based on the Sales & Marketing Playbook.
Infographic: Identifying the Decision Maker
PSA's Sales & Marketing Committee developed this infographic to help integrators identify the decision maker in organizations and how to tailor your message to the correct stakeholder or decision maker.
Infographic: Marketing Collateral
The Sales & Marketing Committee created a new infographic explaining the value of marketing collateral, along with key criteria for making high quality pieces. Check out how marketing collateral can boost your ROI.
Infographic: Marketing Tactic - ROI
Review this infographic for simple tips on tactics you can leverage to increase marketing ROI with your email marketing program through branding and lead generation strategies.
Infographic: Qualifying the Prospect
An important first step for anyone's sales process is to qualify leads. We've designed a tip sheet based on the first section of the Sales Playbook.
Infographic: Understanding What you are Selling
This infographic is a high-level infographic on what it means to "Understand What You're Selling."
Lead Generation Strategies
This document provides a few tips from the committee on lead generation and lead management.
Sales Playbook
This comprehensive guide contains articles, questionnaires, and real-world scenarios with an emphasis on how to strategize, execute, and win opportunities.

60 Second Faceoff: Cliff & Dustin
Cliff Ziegler, Genesis Integration, Inc., and Dustin Rose, Audio-Video Corporation discuss how much and when they expect to be involved in a job after it is turned over to a Project Manager.
60 Second Faceoff: Terry & Jose
Terry Rivet from Securitronics Company, Inc. and Jose Laclaustra Morrero from Bonneville Contracting & Technology, Inc. discuss what channel or advertising medium gives the best ROI.
Committees Thank You 2016
PSA Security Network thanks 2016 Committee members and highlights committee accomplishments
Forging an Alliance Between Operations & Sales
This session is brought to you by PSA's Project Management Committee and Sales & Marketing Committee where panelists discuss how operations and sales teams can improve overall communication when it comes to scope of work clarification and setting customer expectations.
How to Benchmark the Sales Job - Andy Boyd
Andy Boyd, President, Integrated Protection Services, discusses how to benchmark the sales job and will also cover employee training and testing.
Making a Marketing Video - Robbie Danko
Robbie Danko, Marketing Manager, Low Voltage Contractors, shares tips on how to create an effective marketing video.
Marketing Through the Years - Doug Taylor
Doug Taylor, Enterprise Account Executive, Securadyne Systems, discusses the evolution of marketing throughout his career as well as sharing some tips for success.
Marketing to System Size Based Categories vs Verticals - Brian Minner
Brian Minner, Director of Sales & Marketing, AlphaCorp, discusses vertical and category markets, how to market to categories, and tools to be more effective in marketing.
Marketing vs Sales: A Look at Virtual Marketing - Bob Hoertsch
Bob Hoertsch, President & CEO, Low Voltage Contractors discusses marketing versus sales with a specific focus on virtual marketing.
Online Marketing for Business Success - Robbie Danko
Robbie Danko, Marketing Manager, Low Voltage Contractors, discusses the importance of online presence as it relates to marketing and your marketing strategies for your business.
Resonant Market Messaging - Andrew Lanning
Andrew Lanning, CEO, Integrated Security Technologies, examines the importance of focus groups and coming out with resonant marketing messages for your organization.
RFP Bidding - Cliff Ziegler
Cliff Ziegler, Integrated Systems Sales, Genesis Integration, Inc., provides tips on how to be successful in responding with RFP Bidding.
Terry Rivet - Team Selling Concepts Final
Terry Rivet, President & CEO, Secuitronics Company, presents on Team Selling.