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Boosting Performance Through Team Rewards
Many companies today realize they need a better way to retain, reward, and motivate their employees.
Business Plans
You own a business. What do you want to do with it? What are your goals? You need to decide. This is the beginning of your business plan.
Business Valuation Basics
Value is the utility, worth or desirability of an asset, right or privilege.
But They Look So Good in the Interview
Are you aware of the many interview misconceptions that can sabotage even the most experienced manager or HR professional? A mistake during the employee selection process can turn into a financial nightmare.
Challenges in Managing Family Owned Business
This publication discusses such challenges from the viewpoint of the family member who is the company's manager or who is involved in management.
Competitive Intelligence - A Strategic Imperative
When your customers choose your firm are they making the right choice? This question should not be offensive. As the owner of a small business you should know the answer to this simple question, and your answer should be based on fact rather than bravado.
Contracts As Sales Literature
What rules govern what can and cannot be put into an agreement or contract? To be binding, a contract simply must have an offer, acceptance and consideration.
Disaster Strikes Will Your Business Survive
Business owners invest, strategize and labor year after year to grow revenue, market share, profit and capabilities.
Employment Contracts Why Who When and How
When to offer an employment contract and what to include
Execution The discipline of Getting Things Done
Planning is a waste of time without execution. Ditto for strategy.
Future Imperfect
SCN's erstwhile editors have asked for our best and biggest wild-ass guess for the future of the AV systems integration industry.
Hiring and Retaining Good People
Here's what Peter Drucker says about picking good people.
How Not to Value a Business
Both buyers and sellers need to be wary of naive business valuation generalizations.
How to Avoid Employee Fraud
Fraud prevention expert Christopher Eiben says that to reduce the chance of fraud, businesses should at the very least "separate the money from the record keeping."
Independent Contractor or Employee
The use of independent contractors, as opposed to employees, has many benefits...including the avoidance of payroll costs, unemployment, benefits, Social Security and Medicare. Unfortunately, the IRS is well aware of this...and of the desire many business owners have to classify as many of their employees as possible as independent contractors.
Interviewing the Chameleon
Ever hire a highly experienced, smart dressing, charming Dr. Jekyll only to have Mr. Hyde show up for work on the first day? Ever say to yourself "but he looked so good in the interview, what happened?"
Protect Your Intellectual Property
Theft of confidential information and trade secrets can be just as damaging to your business as embezzlement. Information theft is a serious issue.
Risk Management
The subjects discussed in this guide should heighten your awareness of business insurance and encourage you to consider carefully the various insurance programs and options available on the market.
Subpar Employee Performance
In this article, expert Dr. Jay Kent-Ferrano discusses addressing subpar employee performance.
The Value of Customer Complaints
Every business loses customers. And the tendency may be, especially for the small businessperson, to shy away from communicating with customers who walk away. But consider what a treasure chest of information lost customers hold. There's a reason those customers aren't buying from you.
Tips to Keep Performance Appraisals Effective
Performance appraisals may be time-consuming and something few people enjoy, but they are worth the effort from a legal and a human resources perspective, according to Tom Makris, an employment attorney with Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, and Rhoma Young of the HR consulting firm Rhoma Young & Associates.
What About the Limited Liability Partnership
Arthur Anderson is the global accounting colossus that is being pursued by the Justice department for the criminal charge of obstruction of justice in the Enron case. They, like many professional service firms, are organized as a limited liability partnership (LLP).

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Financial Management Profits Checklist
This Guide is a series of questions with comments to help you analyze your profits, their sufficiency and trend, the contribution of each of your product lines or services to them, and to help you determine if you have the kind of record system you need.
Managing Family Business Checklist
The questions in this checklist are designed to help chief executive officers to review the management practices of their small family companies.