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Cloud Training Manual
Access the infinias? Cloud Training manual with step-by-step instructions on how to launch infinias CLOUD.
Google Calendar Guide
The Google Calendar Peripheral Integration allows users to create exception schedules for their doors, by simply booking a calendar invite in Google. Once the Google Calendar peripheral is configured, using it is easy.
Infinias Presentation
Discover who 3xLOGIC is and what makes them unique. Additionally, you will learn about the advantages of IP Based Access Control. 3xLOGIC offers customizable solutions for the customer?s convenience.
Installer's Guide
The infinias Access Control and Integrated Video Installer?s Guide will walk you through the following: installation of a site access app, eIDC32 and Multi-Sensor setup and installation with QR Code, wiring door hardware to the door controller, emailing pictures of the door and camera install to you or the Dealer, testing the communications of the doors, confirming that the door will unlock on mobile app request, and basic app setup.
Quick Install Guide
Access the infinias CLOUD Configuration Guide for your quick guide to install.