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AMAG Technology’s unique offering in the industry provides a unified solution of Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Identity Management, Visitor Management and Incident Management, powered by a robust policy-based platform to help operationalize security to reduce risk, reduce cost and maintain compliance. At the heart of the AMAG solution is the Symmetry™ Security Management System, a unified solution that provides intelligent networked solutions scaled to manage security challenges from small, remote facilities to multi-national organizations around the world. Symmetry offers users the next generation of security solutions, bringing the core aspects of building security to intelligent, unified solutions. AMAG’s Symmetry Security Management Solutions can be found in a wide spectrum of markets: government, commercial, education, transportation, healthcare, utilities and banking.

Activity & Alarms
Alarm and Activity Management in Symmetry v7.0.1
Activity in v8
Updates to the Activity screen in Symmetry v8.0.x
Alarm Masking and Filters
Alarm Masking and Alarm Filters in Symmetry v7.0.1
Badging in Symmetry
Creating a basic badge design
Card Commands
Configuring Card Commands in Symmetry
Card details - Additional options
Symmetry Additional Card Holder Options
Card Holders with HSE and SR-Nodes
Card holder configuration items for SR-Nodes in Symmetry v7.0.1
Cardholder Basics
Symmetry Card holder basics
Database Backups
How to backup the Symmetry database
End User Reports in Symmetry
Basic Symmetry Reporting options
Guard Patrols
Configuring Guard Patrol Tours in Symmetry
Logging In And Basic Navigation
Logging In And Basic Navigation of Symmetry
Multiple Companies Overview
An introduction to Multiple Companies in Symmetry
Multiple Companies Software Edits
Configuring Multiple Companies in Symmetry
Ribbons by Role
Symmetry Role Options
SymmetryWEB Installation
Installing SymmetryWEB v1 for Symmetry v7.0.1
Threat Levels
Configuring Threat Levels in Symmetry
Transaction Archives
How to archive the Symmetry Transaction database
Using the Cobox Utility
Configuring a NIC4 with the Cobox Utility
Introduction to the Symmetry Workflow option