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AtlasIED is the combination of two widely recognized leaders in the commercial audio world, Atlas Sound and Innovative Electronic Designs (IED). Both companies have been collaborating for decades and have grown to be two of the most successful commercial audio manufacturers.

Atlas Sound has become the largest commercial audio provider spanning small businesses to the largest enterprises while Innovative Electronic Designs (IED) has been known as the leader in mass notification systems in airports, corporations, and government institutions. For 80+ years, both companies have been installed in more than one million businesses. In 2009, Atlas Sound and IED became sister companies operating independently with combined oversight at the executive management level. As technologies continued to integrate together, both organizations united forces. In 2015, Atlas Sound and IED combined our sales, marketing, and support teams. Today, AtlasIED provides better service to you and the various market segments that we serve.

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Links to Online Training and Educational Resources from AtlasIED:

The Basics of Sounds Masking

This course is for anyone wishing to learn the basics of Sound Masking and how it is applied to create acoustical comfort and privacy in today’s open office plans. Designed to remove the mystery and myths that are prevalent as more and more companies and facilities look for ways to improve office acoustics, employee productivity, and speech privacy.

Basics of Sound Masking

Tuning Sound Masking Systems

This course reveals the methods used in tuning Sound Masking Systems to a specific curve. The class discusses the need for masking system tuning, along with where to take measurements, site requirements and recommended test equipment will be discussed. The presentation lists the steps necessary to tune both Direct Field and Indirect Field Masking Systems.

Tuning Sound Masking Systems

70V Audio System Basics

This is a live, 1 hour Presentation for anyone in the Low Voltage Audio Industry wishing to learn the basics of 70.7V distributed audio systems. Designed for anyone entering this growing industry or seasoned pros wishing to fill gaps in their understanding of high impedance, 70.7V audio Systems..

70V Audio System Basics

Classroom Training

Located in Louisville, Kentucky and Pheonix, Arizona, our conveniently-located training centers provide a combination of lecture-style and hands-on training. AtlasIED’s Training Centers were built to provide a comfortable atmosphere for instruction and interaction, facilitating dialogue and learning. We limit class size to 12 or less in order to provide a better student experience.

Classroom Training

Online Trainings and Tutorials

AtlasIED has online tutorials available for our most knowledge intensive product categories. These videos are designed to familiarize the user with the product and its programming. Each short video addresses an individual topic so that you can learn exactly what you want or learn about the entire product family by watching each video at your own pace.

Online Training

AtlasIED Presents: Singlewire Mass Notification Software Introduction
In case you haven't heard the news, AtlasIED has just launched a distribution partnership with Singlewire. The objective is to utilize their InformaCast Emergency Mass Notification Software platform with our IPX speakers. The InformaCast software is a great headend to our IPX and analog speakers. The Singlewire leadership is so supportive of the partnership, that they have provided us with a dedicated Singlewire representative to support our business needs. Presented by: Brad Jungemann | Channel Sales Specialist - AtlasIED | Singlewire.