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It’s no longer enough to place your trust in a white box video surveillance solution. IP video surveillance systems are placed under increasingly strict video retention mandates, loaded with high-definition megapixel cameras, and relied upon to secure some of the most sensitive security environments. Every byte matters.

BCDVideo’s focus on proactive response and personal service has allowed us to become the most trusted source for security integrators to find innovative, purpose-built IP video storage solutions. Our award-winning products cover video surveillance storage servers, access control servers, environmentally hardened servers, and switches, client viewing stations, networking, and professional on-site services.

We proudly work with the world’s top security integrators implementing security solutions certified by the top Video Management Software (VMS) and digital camera manufacturers. This allows us to deliver high-performance, scalable solutions built with the future in mind. Our global footprint includes over 70,000 installations, spanning 74 countries and countless verticals.


Access Control Catalog
BCDVideo's line of access control servers and workstations provide high quality performance and throughput for a wide range of access control based integrations.
BCDVideo Networking Solutions
Guarantee seamless communication between your network devices. With entry level, enterprise, and mission critical products, as well as a variety of form factors, provide effective network connectivity.
BCDVideo Storage Solutions
Provide effective and reliable data storage with BCDVideo's storage solutions. With SAN and Scale-Out NAS options, these adapt and provide the throughput to effectively archive and store video data.
BCDVideo Video Analytics Server
BCDVideo offers cutting edge video analytics hardware, providing performance and value. These solutions enable users to respond to events rapidly, while also providing insight into operations.
BCDVideo Video Workstation Catalog
Ensure top end performance with purpose-built video workstations enabled by the latest Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics cards.
Briefcam Appliances Catalog
BCDVideo's Briefcam optimized servers and workstations provide high performance to maximize the power of the Briefcam analytics engine. These appliances meet the needs of any Briefcam-based project.
Enterprise Milestone Appliances Catalog
Optimized for the latest Milestone software, these enterprise appliances provide unrivaled throughput and performance for any Milestone-based project.
Enterprise Servers Catalog
BCDVideo's Enterprise servers offer enterprise performance, reliability, and security. Features include dual-port SAS drives, RAID 5/6 disk protection, and redundant power.
Environmentally Hardened Enclosure Catalog
Protect video servers, ruggedized switches and power supplies with this line of FRP or ABS environmentally hardened enclosures.
Environmentally Hardened Switches Catalog
Environmentally Hardened network switches provide reliable and efficient networking in the toughest of conditions. Features include PoE+ power, SFP uplinks, and a wide range of operating temperatures.
Milestone Video Workstation Catalog
Video workstations built and optimized for Milestone client viewing applications, these workstations offer top performance for any Milestone viewing project.
Professional Milestone Appliances Catalog
BCDVideo's line of professional appliances are purpose-built for any Milestone project. Integrated with the latest Milestone XProtect software, these appliances offer unrivaled value and performance.
Professional Servers Catalog
Built for affordibility without compromising enterprise performance, BCDVideo's professional servers offer video grade SATA drives, the latest Intel processors, and RAID and redundant power options.
UPS Systems Catalog
BCDVideo offers a range of uninterrupted power supplies to provide reliability and stability to your products. These UPS Systems offer a wide range of features to provide reliability to any server.