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ComNet Communication Networks of Connecticut is a Fiber Optic communication and Ethernet product manufacturer. ComNet focuses on providing innovative communications networking solutions to the Security Market. The product line consists of fiber optic video, data and audio transmission products as well as a broad fiber optic, copper and wireless Ethernet product line, designed to the specific requirements for Access Control, Intrusion, Burglar and Fire Alarms and CCTV Surveillance/Incident Detection and the Intelligent Transportation System Market.

For a comlete listing of products and services, please visit ComNet.

Links to Online Resources from ComNet:

Port Guardian Cyber Security Tools

This informative video explains and details ComNet CyberSecurity hardware products and how they can be a simple to use and effective tool against unauthorized netowrk access.

Port Guardian Cyber Security Tools Video

ComNet Media Converter Training

This informative video explains and details the different fiber optic, UTP/Coax copper and wireless Ethernet distance extending options you have and can use to solve extended disntance challenges.

ComNet Media Converter Training Video

ComNet Wireless Ethernet

An instructional video outlining the benefits and explain the challenges of deploying wireless Ethernet connectivity for security devices and data. Connecting remote buildings and structures, connecting to remote parking lots, alternative to trenching for fiber or copper cable bandwidth limits and options, Fresnel zone open air line of sight, signal reflection frequency availability, and proof of concept demonstrations.

ComNet Wireless Ethernet Video

ComNet USA-made Etherent Switches

When your application requires the use of USA Made Ethernet Switches for Security reasons, what options do your have? The fast paced video gives you all the options you need when selecting the right USA made switch for virtually and application.

ComNet USA-made Etherent Switches Video

How to Select a PoE Power Supply

What's the right PoE power supply size? ComNet gives you some insight on how to choose the right power supply for your PoE application. ComNet offers the widest variety designed to support your installation parameters. Let ComNet help.

How to Select a PoE Power Supply Video

NetWave Gn 3 New Product Release

The NetWave wireless product line is moving to Gen 3!
This update to our wireless network devices represents a major overhaul and has significant changes that will affect which products you recommend to our customers moving forward. We strongly suggest you get a fresh cup of coffee and clink the link because the next 23 and a half minutes will change your life! Well, not really, but it’s really important so please watch the video.

NetWave Gn 3 New Product Release

Retrofit Strategies 5 part Series

ComNet has a five part series that details how to use existing copper COAX and UTP (cat x) cables to extend transmission distances over the standard distances. ComNet featues a full product offering the can be either PD or PSE PoE products.

Razberi Core Servers

Cyber-hardened, server-class appliances for heavy video surveillance workloads. When it comes to enterprise demands, Razberi Core is a robust, purpose-built appliance for centralized video recording applications. Pre-engineered to be cybersecurity hardened, it seamlessly integrates with Razberi CameraDefense™ and Razberi EndpointDefender™ for cybersecurity automation to the end point. Security Leaders are in control with built-in Razberi Monitor™ premise or cloud-based health monitoring to ensure 24×7 operation with real-time alerts. Razberi Core is analytics-ready with an optional NVIDIA Quadro GPU.

Razberi Core Servers

ComNet Ethernet Product Guide

Critical applications demand reliable products. ComNet Ethernet products deliver the highest level of reliability and performance. ComNet sets the new standard by offering tough transmission equipment backed by an unsurpassed level of support that comes standard with every product we sell. Our innovative equipment is easy to install and operate. With the ComNet Technical Support Team available when you need them, any challenge you may be facing is easily overcome.

ComNet Ethernet Product Guide Brochure

CopperLine™ Ethernet over Copper Distance Extender

CopperLine® is an advanced and unique technology that extends Ethernet networks beyond the 100-meter limitation encountered when using UTP for IP Video and Ethernet-based applications. CopperLine® is a cost-saving alternative that enables you to use existing coaxial and UTP cables for significantly greater Ethernet transmission distance.

CopperLine™ Ethernet over Copper Distance Extender Brochure