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Dedrone is the market leader in airspace security. Dedrone’s counter-drone system is trusted by critical infrastructure, government operations, military assets, correctional facilities, and enterprises to protect against unauthorized small drones. With flexibility to host in the cloud, or on premise, Dedrone’s Airspace Security as a Service (ASaaS) technology combines cutting-edge software with best-in-class sensors and effectors, to provide early warning, classification of, and, where authorized, mitigation against unauthorized drone threats. Dedrone systems are deployed by hundreds of customers globally. Established in 2014, Dedrone is headquartered in San Francisco, with operations in the Washington, D.C.-area, Columbus, Ohio, London and Germany. For more information about Dedrone and to reach our counter-drone subject matter experts, visit and follow @Dedrone on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

For a comlete listing of products and services, please visit Dedrone.

Links to Online Resources from Dedrone:

Smart Airspace Security for Airports

In this 4-pager, we outline the threat drones pose to Airports, and how Dedrone solutions combined with effective operating procedures can meet that threat.

Airport Brochure

Smart Airspace Security for Correctional Facilities

Overview of Dedrone's Smart Asirspace Security program for prisons.

Prison Brochure

Dedrone DroneTracker Software Brochure

Overview of Dedrone's DroneTracker software, which detects, classifies, locates drones, and provides automatic reporting.

Software Brochure

Dedrone Airport Airspace Activity Report

The Dedrone Airport Airspace Security Report reviews our findings from a 148 day study at four airports in the United Kingdom.

Airport Airspace Activity Report

Dedrone Airspace Security Insights Report 2021

From market driven trends to government mandated regulations like Remote ID, this report explores how the global airspace security market will continue to advance and meet the needs of security providers to protect people, property, and information.

Dedrone Airspace Security Insights Report 2021

DedroneDNA: Reliable protection against the latest drone threats

DedroneDNA is Dedrone’s cutting edge system that recognizes drones of all kinds. Trained on millions of data points, it can detect the difference between drones and other moving objects.


An Escalating Crisis of Drone Crimes in Correctional Facilities

Drone intrusions at correctional facilities are a persistent, ongoing threat that will only escalate with time as inmates continue to test the boundaries of vulnerable airspace and a facility’s lack of knowledge of drone activity.

An Escalating Crisis of Drone Crimes in Correctional Facilities

Dedrone Presents: Smart Airspace Security in the Age of Drones
In this webinar, attendees will discover what drones mean to security teams. Dedrone will discuss what threats drones pose and how security teams can protect people, property and information against unauthorized drones. Presented by: Amit Samani, VP Americas & UK, Dedrone.