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Founded in 2015, Domotz is an award-winning platform for remote network monitoring and management that enables MSP, integrators and service providers to run their businesses more efficiently. The software enables businesses to remotely monitor and manage their networks and devices through features including automated network topology, configuration management, remote device access, SNMP monitoring, network diagnostics, remote power management, device alerts, team collaboration, network mapping and multiple VLAN support.

More than 4,000 MSP, IT professionals and integration businesses in 160 countries use Domotz every day to deliver remote support to tens of thousands of networks.

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Domotz Network Monitoring Software Features

Automatically discover and identify devices, quickly analyze advanced network data, remote management and monitoring, Domotz makes it easy to access and measure everything you need to know in a couple of clicks.

Use Domotz’s network monitoring features to save time troubleshooting multiple networks, save costs, proactively prevent IT issues and solve problems in real-time by mobile and web dashboard.

Domotz Network Monitoring Software Features

SNMP Sensors and TCP Service Monitoring

Simple Network Management Protocol can be used from MSPs to monitor important properties of the devices in their networks. A network monitoring system like Domotz can be exploited to continuously check these properties and provide features like historical data visualization and alerting.

With SNMP and TCP Service Monitoring, you can manage any SNMP (v1, v2, v3) OID values or availability of TCP Service on any port.

SNMP Sensors and TCP Service Monitoring

Why a network monitoring system should be in your MSP tech stack?

Why vision matters and how it applies to your business. - What are a company’s values and how do you make them uniquely count? - How well do your people align with your mission and values? - What is … Gets It, Wants It, and Capacity for It? - How do you build a company structure with the right people in the right seats?

6 reasons to add a network monitoring system to your MSP tech stack

Domotz Integrations

Explore hundreds of built-in integrations for Domotz to speed up your workflow or build your own custom integrations with Webhooks or our open API.

Domotz Integrations

Domotz Videos – Domotz Demo, Webinars and more

If you are new to Domotz, join our CTO & CPO online to learn all about getting started with Domotz or watch our latest webinars to learn more.

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