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Enterprise Performance Consulting provides training and business consulting services for security integration companies. We have provided this service to over a hundred organizations and companies for the last fifteen years, like Siemens Building Technologies, Ingersoll Rand and the City of Toronto. More than a thousand project managers and other professionals in Security and Systems Industries have attended training courses, workshops and webinars conducted by EPC.

EPC maintains its own online site. You can access their site and review their training options by visiting: EPC.


Below are descriptions of some of the key programs available from EPC.

Field Management of Security Projects

The Field Management course is designed to assist security Installers, Technicians and Project Managers in effectively managing the installation work. As an introductory course in project management, it also offers a foundation to prepare individuals for a career in project management. The course covers the following: Understanding the "Project Plan", Planning and managing the field work, Controlling the field schedule and project resources, Coordinating with other trades and subcontractors, Documentation of field conditions and changes, Demobilizing and closing.

Field Management of Security Projecs II

This course is designed specifically for the management of Security Projects. It provides a practical approach to practicing Project Managers to "proactively" manage and control their projects. This course covers the following: Define the role of a project manager, Identifying risk areas in executing security and systems contracts, Planning and scheduling projects effectively, Controlling the project cost and timeline, Recognizing ad negotiating change orders, Identifying how to effectively close a project, Managing subcontractors, Managing the project's revenue, cost and billing.

Estimating of Security Projects

This training course is intended for Accounts Executives, Sales Managers, Estimators and Project Managers. The course is designed to prepare individual for the "smart way" of estimating security projects and writing effective scope letters and proposals. It also provides a tool for assessing existing estimating skills within the organization. The course covers the following: Review of pre-seminar Sales proposal and estimate assignment, Ways to maximize your estimating time and resources, Presentation on the 12 steps of estimating security and systems projects, Review of effective "Sales Proposal" elements, Discussion of the role of Sales in successful project management, Introduction to the Project Managers "Wins", Discussion on how to sell your Company's project management capabilities.

Financial Training for Security Executives

This course is designed to provide Executives and Sr. Managers with the essential tools for understanding and managing the organization. It provides a working knowledge on how to use financial information to better understand and manage the operation of the enterprise. The seminar covers principle financial statements and project financial reports. This course covers the following: Basics of Financial Statements, Application of Performance Metrics and Ratios, How to prepare bottom up budgets, Cost and Project Controls, Cash Flow projection, Perform accurate revenue forecast, Revenue recognition and billing.

Managing the Service Department

This training course is designed for the Management Team and specifically the Service Manager. It provides an overview on how to set-up and manage an efficient Service Department. This course covers the following: Service Revenue importance for a Security Company, How to sell or increase Service Revenue, Management of the Service Department, Service Technician Role and Development, Service Department KPI's and Performance Metrics, Tools needed to Manage the Service Team, Difference between RMR and T&M on the P&L.

Contarct and Risk Management

This training course is designed for the Management Team as an introduction to construction law and aspects of contracting as related to Security projects. It also provides a practical tools for assessing and mitigating risk on security and systems projects. This course covers the following: Construction & Mechanics Law Overview, Review of the General Conditions (Division 1), Construction Contract Methods and Types, How to identify and manage the Project Risk.

Operations Manual Development and Implementation

The workshop is designed for the “Executive Team” (President, GM, VP of Operations, Operations Managers, VP Sales, Sales Managers…). It provides a practical guide for adopting and implementing an effective operation methodology to improve your organization’s financial and operational performances.

Performance Metrics Executive Workshop

This workshop is designed to help analyze the company financial and performance data and validate against benchmarks provided in the PSA/EPC Metrics Report. It will help define your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and identify performance gaps and develop an improvement performance plan.