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Since 2004—with over 1500 installations in more than 30 countries—Gatekeeper has the depth and breadth of experience that ensures all Gatekeeper systems perform at unprecedented levels of accuracy, availability and reliability. Quality management and commitment to customer satisfaction mean Gatekeeper systems—proudly made in the USA—function without fail in the harshest of operating conditions. State-of-the-art research and development facilities staffed with highly credentialed scientists and engineers keep Gatekeeper on the cutting edge of intelligent optical inspection technology. Gatekeeper systems protect life and property at many of the most recognizable landmarks around the world, to include the US Defense Department, Pentagon and scores of other military facilities in the US and overseas.

Intelligent License Plate Analytics (ILPA)
Employs advanced machine learning, captures high-resolution images of vehicle and truck license plates to accurately provide the plate?s alpha-numeric value, country and state of origin under all environmental conditions.
Intelligent Shipping Container Detection (ISCD)
Automatically recognizes and decodes international shipping container codes, speeding up the security and overall throughput to process cargo tracking at busy border crossings, railways, air and seaports.
Intelligent Train Undercarriage Scanner (ITUS)
Automatically identifies and inspects each train car?s undercarriage providing a high-resolution image to immediately detect foreign objects, anomalies, and potential maintenance hazards under all environmental conditions.
Intelligent Vehicle Occupant Detection (IVOD)
Performs real-time facial detection and recognition of all vehicle occupants under various conditions?day, night, inclement weather, high-glare sunlight, and through heavily tinted glass.
Intelligent Vehicle Undercarriage Scanner (IVUS)
Advanced signal processing generates a ?digital fingerprint? to automatically inspect a vehicle?s undercarriage to identify make and model, detect foreign objects and anomalies, and provide alerts regarding potential threats.
Multi-Factor Intelligent Security
Combines several Gatekeeper solutions (facial recognition, license plate analytics, vehicle classification, and undercarriage screening) into one integrated platform to identify risks across vehicles, occupants, and cargo.
Pedestrian Identification Clearance System (PICS)
Uses real-time facial detection and recognition of travelers to reduce wait times, provide higher security, and seamless travel at border crossings, airport clearances, and transportation hubs.

Intelligent Access Control
The rapid processing of vehicles and their occupants entering a secured facility requires a layered approach of intelligent security technologies. Gatekeeper's Intelligent Access Control Technologies provide multiple layers of security to identify risks across vehicles, occupants, and cargo.
Intelligent Vehicle Inspection & Identification Solutions
In this webinar, attendees will learn who Gatekeeper is and what they do, along with their relationship with PSA and how we will work together to ensure success. Additionally, attendees will discover the financial benefit and ROI for PSA Owners and members. Lastly, Gatekeeper will share a case study success story.