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Perimeter Security is our DNA. HySecurity operators are chosen when ultimate reliability and an integrated perimeter solution are required. Any secure facility with high traffic volume, high security or low maintenance requirements are well served by these tough, reliable, intelligent automated gate systems. HySecurity provides complimentary, personalized specification support through our dedicated Specification Sales Engineers.

For a complete listing of products and services, please visit HySecurity.

HySecurity Resources:

A HySecurity Product Overview
This product overview highlights the key features and benefits of each operator. It also details some representative sites that already installed each product.
Critical Infrastructure Brochure
Learn how HySecurity products have been securing critical Infrastructure for 35 years.
Eliminate access control point vulnerability with HyNet
HyNet? Detects and Reports security events at automated HySecurity gate systems.
HydraWedge SM50 Brochure
Trust HydraWedge SM50 to stop threats in their tracks.
Integrators Product Brochure
Picture Book - HySecurity All Sites
View site images of HySecurity operator installations.
Product Catalog PSA
PSA High Security Gate Solutions Product Catalog
StrongArm M30 and M50 Brochure
Brochure for M30 and M50 products.
StrongArmCrash M30/M50 Brochure
StrongArm M30 & M50 take barrier arms to the extreme.

Expect More with HySecurity Gate Operators, Crash Gates and Barrier Arms
HySecurity operators secure the world?s critical infrastructure and key assets where ultimate reliability is vital. In this webinar, you will discover how HySecurity operators provide unparalleled quality and total lifetime value. You will also see the level of support you can expect from HySecurity ? including complete system design with specification support.
HySecurity Parking Gate Solutions
Discover HySecurity Parking, Traffic Control and Security Barrier Solutions
HySecurity Slidedriver; Ultra Reliable Hydraulic Slide Gate Operator
See the SlideDriver in action: Powerful, Rugged, Continuous Duty Slide Gate Operator.
StrongArm M50 Crash Setup
HySecurity StrongArm Crash M50 Foundation Set Up.
StrongArmCrash M30/M50 and HydraWedge SM50
View crash tests for StrongArmCrash M30/M50 and HydraWedge SM50
Webinar: Loop detectors: Are they all the same?
Uncover how Hy5B redifines your vehicle detector expectations.
Webinar: Secrets of the Smart DC and SmartTouch Controllers
Discover unique and powerful HySecurity controller advantages.
Webinar: What's new with StrongArmPark DC
StrongArmPark DC: Reliable and uninterrupted traffic control