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2015 Fall BC
NSCA's 2015 Fall Building Connections Newsletter
2015 Financial Analysis of the Industry Report
This biennial research tracks and benchmarks key financial ratios among NSCA member integrators.
2015 Summer BC
NSCA's 2015 Summer Building Connections Newsletter
2015 Winter BC
NSCA's 2015 Winter Building Connections Newsletter
2016 Spring BC
NSCA's 2016 Spring Building Connections Newsletter
2016 Summer BC
NSCA's 2016 Summer Building Connections Newsletter
Accelerating Cash Flow The Lockbox
Business owners seek to limit the amount of capital tied up in the business.
ADA Standards Accessible Stadiums
ADA Accessibility Guidelines for stadiums.
Boosting Performance Through Team Rewards
Many companies today realize they need a better way to retain, reward, and motivate their employees.
Budgeting the Basics Part I
This is Part I of a two-part series on building and analyzing annual budgets within the electronic systems installation industry.
Budgeting the Basics Part II
This is the second half of a two-part series on building and analyzing annual budgets within the electronic systems installation industry.
Business Loans Proposal
Approval of your loan request depends on how well you present yourself, your business, and your financial needs to a lender.
Business Plans
You own a business. What do you want to do with it? What are your goals? You need to decide. This is the beginning of your business plan.
Business Valuation - A Confusing and Misunderstood Concept
Want to know the value of your business? Pose the question to your closest friends and advisors. Write your own answer down and that of your spouse. You will be amazed at the range of responses.
Business Valuation Basics
Value is the utility, worth or desirability of an asset, right or privilege.
But They Look So Good in the Interview
Are you aware of the many interview misconceptions that can sabotage even the most experienced manager or HR professional? A mistake during the employee selection process can turn into a financial nightmare.
Buying a Business
Why might a person want to own a business? Buy a business? Certainly, the reasons are unique to each person.
Buying a Business - Analyzing All the Components of the Deal
The purchase of a business is a big commitment which can take a lot more of your time and money than you may be willing to spend.
Cautions on Transactions Between You and Your Family and Your Business
As the owner of a private business, you may at any time be held accountable for your actions.
Challenges in Managing Family Owned Business
This publication discusses such challenges from the viewpoint of the family member who is the company's manager or who is involved in management.
Changing the Building Technology Landscape
Last year the Construction Specifications Institute, CSI, released for sale the newly expanded MasterFormat?. This means that the old Specification numbers as you once knew them are now gone.
Checklist for a Safe Smart Acquisition
Utilize this checklist for a safe and smart acquisition
Code Standards Web Links
Code Standards Web Links
Common ADA Errors Omissions
Common ADA errors and omissions in new construction and alterations.
Competitive Ad v PR Analysis Tool
Competitive Ad vs. PR Analysis tool / template
Competitive Intelligence - A Strategic Imperative
When your customers choose your firm are they making the right choice? This question should not be offensive. As the owner of a small business you should know the answer to this simple question, and your answer should be based on fact rather than bravado.
Construction Web Links
Construction Web Links
Contracts As Sales Literature
What rules govern what can and cannot be put into an agreement or contract? To be binding, a contract simply must have an offer, acceptance and consideration.
Debt Reduction During the Worst of Times
When your company has experienced financial loss and/or you lay off employees, creditors fear the worst.
Deductible Health Insurance for the Business Owner
This article focuses on different forms of business ownership and what health benefits can be deductible.
Determining the Value of a Business
The most difficult step in buying or selling a small business is probably determining what the business is worth as a going concern.
Disaster Strikes Will Your Business Survive
Business owners invest, strategize and labor year after year to grow revenue, market share, profit and capabilities.
Does that Expansion Make Sense
It's easy enough to get the hard facts, and this advisory will show you how.
Don?t Let Up on Workers Comp Cost Control
Cost control measures for Workers Comp are necessary to prevent profit margin erosion.
Eight Steps to Building Successful Transition Plan
Transitioning a family business is a delicate, time consuming and potentially hazardous undertaking.
Electronic Systems Outlook: Summer Edition 2015
This NEW biannual report (summer and winter) provides industry professionals with trends in electronic systems and commercial construction.
Electronic Systems Outlook: Summer Edition 2016
This NEW biannual report (summer and winter) provides industry professionals with trends in electronic systems and commercial construction.
Electronics Systems Outlook: Winter Edition 2016
This report provides United States regional systems construction put-in-place outlooks (four regions) that are based upon percentages of total construction put in place for each region. The new regional data will only be available in Winter Editions of the NSCA Electronic Systems Outlook.
Employment Contracts Why Who When and How
When to offer an employment contract and what to include
Execution The discipline of Getting Things Done
Planning is a waste of time without execution. Ditto for strategy.
Financial Viability of your Company
A fundamental step in determining the health of a company is the analysis of its financial statements.
Five Tax Saving Ideas
If you are among those owners who find tax breaks hard to come by, here are five ideas that could reduce your tax bill.
Forecasting Profits
Forecasting, particularly on a short-term basis (one year to three years), is essential to planning for business success.
Future Imperfect
SCN's erstwhile editors have asked for our best and biggest wild-ass guess for the future of the AV systems integration industry.
Getting Paid Sound Credit Policy and Collection Procedures
Nearly every company offers credit to its customers. If you provide a good or service before receiving payment in full, then you are extending credit.
Getting the Deal Done Eight Tips to Get You to Closing
To maximize the odds of getting your deal done, do the following.
Guide to State Licensing
This report is designed to provide members of the commercial electronic systems industry with a general reference of state laws that govern the installation of low-voltage systems.
Health and Workman's Compensation Insurance
According to many industry sources, fraudulent insurance offerings are flooding the market and preying on the desperation of business owners who face sharp cost increases.
Hiring and Retaining Good People
Here's what Peter Drucker says about picking good people.
How IRS Will Value Business
The factors below should be considered when valuing any closely held business for any reason.
How Not to Value a Business
Both buyers and sellers need to be wary of naive business valuation generalizations.
How to Avoid Employee Fraud
Fraud prevention expert Christopher Eiben says that to reduce the chance of fraud, businesses should at the very least "separate the money from the record keeping."
How to Buy the Right Size Screen
Your goal in sizing a projection screen is to find a screen large enough so that those in the back of your audience can see your subject matter easily, but not so large that those in front have difficulty seeing the full width of the projected image.
How to Choose an Overhead Projector
This article covers the most important specifications when choosing the appropriate overhead projector.
How to Choose Audio Visual Control System
The primary reason for purchasing an audio visual control system is to provide simplified, user-friendly access to the latest technology.
How to Choose Furniture for Use with Media
This article covers the most important specifications when choosing the appropriate furniture to use with media.
How to Forecast Your Sales
This guide outlines some simple methods of forecasting sales using easy to find data.
How to Handle Balance Sheet When Buying Business
The buyer of a business, having selected his minimum required rate of return, justifies purchase price of a "going concern" by the cash he expects the business to generate.
How to Improve Your Sales Proposals
Do you create sales proposals or sales presentations to potential clients? These 10 ten steps will improve your effectiveness.
How to Keep Small Orders from Undermining Profits
Sometimes a company spends so much time and energy trying to add new business that it fails to consider whether those additional customers and orders are actually producing profits.
How to Remove Marks from Screen Fabric
Here's what the manufacturers say about cleaning their screen surfaces.
Ideas to Protect Cash Assets and Cash Flow
This advisory is about protecting and effectively using your company's money, increasing your cash inflow, and avoiding wrong or inappropriate use of your company's cash, checks, and other assets.
Independent Contractor or Employee
The use of independent contractors, as opposed to employees, has many benefits...including the avoidance of payroll costs, unemployment, benefits, Social Security and Medicare. Unfortunately, the IRS is well aware of this...and of the desire many business owners have to classify as many of their employees as possible as independent contractors.
Intellectual Property Who Owns What?
Never before have we seen so much confusion over the rights and ownership issues of software, trade secrets and customization rights. Let me describe a few of the sticky situations I have encountered lately involving trade secrets and intellectual property.
Interviewing the Chameleon
Ever hire a highly experienced, smart dressing, charming Dr. Jekyll only to have Mr. Hyde show up for work on the first day? Ever say to yourself "but he looked so good in the interview, what happened?"
Labor Installation Standard
This research provides integrators with a tool to benchmark business, assist with job costing, and aid sales personnel in correctly estimating and closing projects.
Marlow Electronics Inc. - An Actual Valuation
Use this case study to help determine the final price tag for the business.
Negotiating the Buy
The final objection of the negotiation process is a written agreement covering the details of the proposed buy-sell transaction.
OSHA Office Directory
OSHA Regional Office Directory
Place Controls on Who Owns Your Company
How would you like a 10 percent minority owner in your company to give two percent of his ownership to each of his five children? Or, your daughter's divorced husband owning part of your company? Or, a creditor becoming a stockholder? Or, someone you never met getting shares of stock in your business?
Protect Your Intellectual Property
Theft of confidential information and trade secrets can be just as damaging to your business as embezzlement. Information theft is a serious issue.
Reasons Involve Family in Business
Familiarize your spouse, heirs or successors with the important aspects of your business.
Recasting Financial Statements
To obtain an accurate estimate of value, one must adjust the income statements and balance sheets to show the true profitability of the business and the true value of the assets and liabilities.
Recruiting and Retaining Quality Employee
Recruiting is a never-ending effort similar to prospecting for sales. Recruiting and retaining employees are ongoing processes that are essential keys to the success of any systems contracting company.
Risk Management
The subjects discussed in this guide should heighten your awareness of business insurance and encourage you to consider carefully the various insurance programs and options available on the market.
Safety Manual A
Safety Handbook Template
Sales Compensation Plans & Benchmarks 2016 Edition
This 2016 report is based on a three-year project that involved compiling, evaluating, and comparing various sales compensation plans from some of our most successful NSCA members.
Selling Managed Services
The sales techniques in this guide can help you get your feet wet selling managed services and create a more sustainable - and profitable - future.
Selling Your Business Structure and Negotiate the Best Deal
Selling your business means cashing in on your years of hard work and sacrifice. Buying a business offers an opportunity to expand, along with the assumption of risks.
Should You Offer an Early Pay Discount
Policy changes that speed the turning of receivables into cash can generate immediate, permanent and in some cases substantial tax-free cash flow.
SIC and NAICS Codes
SIC/NAICS Codes for the Electronic Systems Industry
Six Things Every Business Seller Should Know
You've devoted untold time, money and energy to building and running your business. It may well represent your life's work and net worth. Now you've decided that it is finally the right time to sell. Here are six things you should know.
SOC Classification on Insurance
Some insurance companies have difficulty differentiating between low and high voltage work so they lump all payroll into codes used for electrical contractors. The end result is a higher rate charged to systems contractors doing low voltage work than warranted.
SOC Classifications
For a complete listing of all Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes please visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Subpar Employee Performance
In this article, expert Dr. Jay Kent-Ferrano discusses addressing subpar employee performance.
Succession Leap Can't Be Made Alone
"Remember," I advised my friend Marcus, "The most dangerous thing in the world is to try to leap a chasm in two jumps. That's a quote from David Lloyd George."
Succession Planning
The majority of business owners neglect to plan so seamlessly for their own succession.
Systems Integration Terms Definitions
Systems Integration Terms Definitions
Ten Great Reasons to Get Better at Sales
Few of us are as good at sales as we would like. No one is as good as he or she could be.
Textbook Marketing to Architects and Engineers
Most successful architectural and engineering firms are likely inundated with requests and introductions from consultants looking to align themselves with the A/E firm.
The Value of Customer Complaints
Every business loses customers. And the tendency may be, especially for the small businessperson, to shy away from communicating with customers who walk away. But consider what a treasure chest of information lost customers hold. There's a reason those customers aren't buying from you.
Tips for Communicating with Elected Representatives
Get some tips for communicating with elected representatives.
Tips to Keep Performance Appraisals Effective
Performance appraisals may be time-consuming and something few people enjoy, but they are worth the effort from a legal and a human resources perspective, according to Tom Makris, an employment attorney with Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, and Rhoma Young of the HR consulting firm Rhoma Young & Associates.
Trade Shows One of Kind Opportunity
For many businesses, trade shows offer a unique and powerful opportunity to expose products and services, sharpen brand image and develop personal contacts and relationships.
Understanding and Managing Cash Flow
This publication outlines techniques to achieve this good cash flow management.
Understanding Financial Statements
Financial Statements record the performance of your business and allow you to diagnose its strengths and weaknesses by providing a written summary of financial activities.
VoIP Performance
There are four key factors that affect voice performance in packet networks.
Wanna Improve Profit Everything's Negotiable
If you have a hard time being cheap, consider that your ability to consistently lower costs may be your only hope for ensuring long-term viability.
What About the Limited Liability Partnership
Arthur Anderson is the global accounting colossus that is being pursued by the Justice department for the criminal charge of obstruction of justice in the Enron case. They, like many professional service firms, are organized as a limited liability partnership (LLP).
What Causes Early Projection Lamp Failure
A lot of people are making simple mistakes that are costing them a lot in burned-out lamps.
What Do Small and Mid-Size Businesses Really Sell For
Ninety-five percent of businesses in the United States post annual gross revenues of less than $2 million per year.
What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
Knowing what the customer wants, needs and demands of you will help to maintain your current customer base and gain new customers
When Can An Employee Obligate Your Company
When you hire or promote an employee into a position of some responsibility, you are holding out that individual as someone you trust who has the authority to represent your company to third parties.
When Can An Employee Obligate Your Company
When you hire or promote an employee into a position of some responsibility, you are holding out that individual as someone you trust who has the authority to represent your company to third parties.
When Your Employee Becomes the Competition
A scenario that discusses a situation of when an employee leaves your company to become your competition and what is the lesson and solution from this scenario.
When Your Employee Becomes the Competition
A scenario that discusses a situation of when an employee leaves your company to become your competition and what is the lesson and solution from this scenario.
Why Are My Insurance Rates Rising
Much ink has been spilled to determine the cause of these increasing insurance rates.
Why Use Assessments
Almost daily, business owners, executives and managers are challenged by frustrating employee-related issues.

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Financial Management Profits Checklist
This Guide is a series of questions with comments to help you analyze your profits, their sufficiency and trend, the contribution of each of your product lines or services to them, and to help you determine if you have the kind of record system you need.
Managing Family Business Checklist
The questions in this checklist are designed to help chief executive officers to review the management practices of their small family companies.