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Razberi Technologies makes it simple to manage and secure video surveillance and network-connected devices. Designed to meet the needs of any sized organization, Razberi offers intelligent appliances for video surveillance and IoT, automated cybersecurity, and health monitoring software. Razberi appliances are compatible with a wide range of top video management software and network cameras. Razberi is headquartered in Dallas. Follow #simplesecurevideo on Twitter. For more information, please visit RAZBERI.

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Razberi Monitor™

Razberi's software platform, Razberi Monitor™ provides you with the assurance that your valuable video data will be there, in high quality, and alert you when there is a problem with your servers, cameras, and even your cybersecurity posture in one simple dashboard view. Monitor’s platform also helps physical security and IT align by simplifying video data for a non-IT person and centralizing for IT personnel. This effectively allows security departments to manage their physical security network across multiple locations and easily install Razberi Monitor without IT oversight.

Razberi Monitor™
Intro to Automated Cybersecurity

Razberi CameraDefense provides automated camera hardening to protect surveillance and other networked devices from cybersecurity threats. Proactively manage and deploy best practices on hundreds or thousands of cameras and IoT devices in minutes with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Intro to Automated Cybersecurity
Intro to Razberi - Find out what your competitors know

Video camera networks, cybersecurity, and the internet of things can be complex topics… and If you don’t know if your video surveillance system is at risk, you’re going to be the next cyber-crime statistic. Razberi makes it simple to deploy, manage and cyber secure video surveillance systems and IoT devices.

Intro to Razberi
Ensuring Your Video Surveillance is Secure and Reliable Secure and Reliable
Razberi Camera Defense

Automated camera hardening and cybersecurity protection for surveillance cameras and systems.

Razberi Camera Defense
3 Ways to Plug Cybersecurity Holes in Video Surveillance Systems

Join our security experts to find out about the threats that hackers pose to surveillance systems and their networks. This webinar will cover pragmatic ways to address the problem to cover the key layers of security (physical, network and human). You'll learn about how to automatically harden all of the cameras and appliances in your network with ease.

Plug Cybersecurity Holes

Monitoring Cyber Threats

Best Practices for Monitoring Cyber Threats within Physical Security Installation.

Monitoring Cyber Threats

Intelligent Surveillance Appliances

Kaw Nation: Casino Finds Space-Saving, Intelligent Surveillance Appliances Beat Traditional Servers and Storage.

Intelligent Surveillance

First Responders IP Video Surveillance Training

First Responders Receive IP Video Surveillance Training from LEOTTA, Razberi Technologies, Milestone Systems, and Axis Communications.

IP Video Surveillance Training

ServerSwitchIQ™ Pro Intel Xeon Data Sheet

Purpose-built as a professional-level, all-in-one appliance with a server, storage and managed PoE switch. Built for security, engineered for performance, open architected and optimized to reduce the impact of megapixel cameras on the network. Part of a complete suite of appliances that provide security leaders unmatched video recording, scalability, reliability, and cloud-based cybersecurity and health monitoring features.

ServerSwitchIQ™ Pro Intel Xeon

EndpointDefender™ Datasheet

Razberi EndpointDefender is a plug-and-play network appliance that delivers the award-winning Razberi CameraDefense™ solution to harden cameras and networks from cybersecurity threats. More than a PoE switch, EndpointDefender can be deployed in minutes to automate best practices for protecting cameras while providing PoE and a secure ethernet connection to any IoT device. By using Razberi Monitor™, security leaders receive alerts of issues providing assurance that cameras are healthy and secured.

EndpointDefender™ Datasheet

Razberi Rugged™

The tough, all-in-one, intelligent video surveillance appliance. Designed to go wherever you need it. Manageable from wherever you are.

Razberi Rugged™

Whitepaper: Deploying Razberi ServerSwitchIQ™ Rugged

Razberi’s ServerSwitchIQ™ is a rugged appliance solution built to endure a variety of harsh environmental conditions without the need for a costly AC module. In order to ensure maximum surveillance system performance, security leaders must also consider enclosure options based on key factors.

ServerSwitchIQ™ Rugged

Distributed Video Surveillance Solution

In a distributed configuration, one or more open platform Razberi ServerSwitchIQ™ appliances are deployed at the edge of the network. ServerSwitchIQ™ units record, store,  and protect IP video at the edge, effectively creating a sub-network. This configuration splits up the entire network into sub-networks and each sub-network becomes a network segment..

Distributed Video Surveillance

Alarmas Universales
Intelligent Surveillance Appliance Chosen to Improve Reliability for Mission Critical Security.
Major Detroit Integrator
The ROI Case for Using Intelligent IP Video Surveillance Appliances.
Razberi Core
Cyber-hardened, server-class appliances for heavy video surveillance workloads featuring cybersecurity automation.
Razberi Cybersecurity Brochure
Automated Camera Hardening Protect Video Surveillance Systems from Cybersecurity Threats.
Razberi for Commercial Office: How Monitoring Physical Security System Health Can Protect Your Office
Commercial office buildings, such as high-rises, are often run by a third-party company that rents spaces to various companies. As each company in the building has different security needs, this can pose challenges to the building's security department.
Razberi for Education: Top Reasons Monitoring Physical Security System Health Is Important
Schools, colleges, and universities are charged with keeping their students and staff safe in heavily trafficked buildings and online. Federal laws from the U.S. Department of Education and state laws dictate much of how a school's security budget is spent. Surveillance is integral in maintaining campus security. The security department has a wide array of responsibilities from crowd control for a football game on campus to cybersecuring student and staff personal information.
Razberi for Energy & Utilities: Benefits of Monitoring Physical Security System Health
The Energy & Utilities industry is heavily regulated by various government entities, from federal laws to city ordinances. Video surveillance and IoT technologies are deployed to protect, control, connect, and regulate physical security systems and public health.
Razberi for Finance & Banking: Importance of Monitoring Physical Security System Health
With continued innovation around new forms of banking from the ATM, to self-service to point of sale, there are numerous ways that financial institutions need to protect consumers, employees, and financial assets. As financial institutions grow, their reach grows too; and therefore, surveillance requirements can span cities, towns, and the globe. It requires a scalable, reliable surveillance platform that can change and innovate with them.
Razberi for Government: Five Reasons Why Physical Security System Health Is Important
As cities become smart cities with the increased usage of smart technology, IP cameras and IoT devices will be utilized to improve sustainability and citizens' lives. From physical and cybercrime prevention to traffic management and operational technology, surveillance plays a vital role in operating a city seamlessly and safely. The needs are widespread for city, state, and federal government buildings, intersections, parking garages, and event venues.
Razberi for Transportation: Why Monitoring Physical Security System Health Is Critical
Transportation is a large part of the urban energy balance and plays a vital role in economic activities. The industry is always changing to provide safer, faster, cleaner, and more comfortable travel in a safe environment for staff and travelers alike.
Razberi Monitor
Real-time AI-powered cybersecurity and system health monitoring for video surveillance and IoT devices.
Razberi Solution Brochure
Razberi's video surveillance and IoT solutions/product catalog.
Purpose-built as an enterprise-class appliance with a server, data center storage and high output managed PoE switch with redundant power.

Designing Optimized Video Surveillance System Architecture: The Importance of Monitoring & Securing IP Cameras
Discover solutions that address today and future challenges of current video surveillance systems. Gain access to open platforms that will allow you to utilize "Best of Breed" surveillance/security solution providers. Razberi Technologies shows solutions that allow integrators to do more with less from the Edge to the Core and even outdoors! Discover platforms that do not sacrifice performance and provide clients with cybersecurity and health monitoring. Buying a box is insufficient when future proofing a client's business with a solution.