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WE deliver dependable products and services to individuals, businesses and organizations that enable them and their customers to recover their most important memories, photos and valuable digital assets when they are in their greatest time of need!

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Rescue Program Overview

Who will save the things you are saving? Discover how easy it is to protect your valuable photos and documents with Seagate Rescue & Replace Service Plan.

Rescue and Replace

Rescue Customer Experience

Find out how Seagate Recovery Services gets its customers' data back. This video features SRS customer testimonials while explaining how data recovery is done at SRS' labs.

Recovery Services - Customer Experience

Seagate Data Recovery Overview

Software update didn't go as planned? Dropped your tablet and now it doesn't boot? Virus attack on your backup drive? Accidents happen! It doesn't always mean that all your precious data is forever.

Data Recovery Overview

Seagate - Rescue Data Recovery

Customer created video showcasing Seagate - Rescue Data Recovery v praxi

Rescue Data Recovery

Rescue - Customer Profile, Montana:

How a video producer became a fan of Seagate's Data Recovery Service.

Montana: Customer Profile

Rescue - Customer Profile, Thailand:

How Seagate came to the Rescue when a filmmaker lost precious footage.

Thialand: Customer Profile

Rescue - Customer Profile, Malta:

Why a photographer who lost wedding footage pledged loyalty to Seagate.

Malta: Customer Profile

Rescue Card Device Registration Process
Rescue Data Recovery Service Plan: Your Digital Life Is Irreplaceable?
Rescue Card Device Registration Process
Rescue Service Plan Overview.
Rescue Card Process for Making a Claim
Your Digital Life Is Irreplaceable...What Happens If a Data Recovery Claim is Needed?
Rescue Customer Testimonial
Over the years, Seagate has received tremendous feedback from users from all walks of life who have lost access to their personal data. Read a few of their stories and see what people are saying about Seagate Recovery Services? (SRS).
Rescue Frequently Asked Questions
Rescue Service Plan Coverage For Data Recovery: Frequently Asked Questions.
Rescue SMB Sales Pitch
If you lost your data, what would you really be losing? Don't lose it. Keep your business's data. Keep your cool.
Rescue Terms & Conditions
Rescue Tri-Fold Brochure
Gain Peace of Mind. Seagate's fast and easy recovery process, supported by a team of data recovery specialists, means that your files can be restored in as few as two days.
Selling Extended Services Like Rescue
Extended Service Plans, such as Rescue Data Protection Plans, add significantly to an organization's bottom line.