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Founded in 2013, Sentry Enterprises is a Chicago-based company with expertise in creating ultra-thin microelectronic security devices. The company offers a proprietary, patented, platform focused on providing proof-positive identification whether accessing a building or computing network. Sentry Enterprises’s solutions solve numerous risks facing today’s enterprises, from biometric authentication for access to privacy, contact tracing and hygiene issues.

Sentry Enterprises is a US-based manufacturer of ultra-thin, multi-faceted, electronic devices. Sentry is focused on delivering converged technological solutions to meet the collective needs of the converging silos within enterprise organizations. Sentry does not sell directly to the end-user or through distribution. For more information, please contact us at

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Introducing the SentryCard®

Sentry Enterprises is proud to announce the launch of its 3rd generation smartcard platform, the converged biometric SentryCard®. For the first time, enterprises can combine biometric physical access for building entry, biometric logical access for computin and proximity detection for contact tracing and mustering applications. All these features  within a single, highly-secure, credential.   

Biometric SentryCard®

Meet the SentryCard®

Learn about Sentry Enterprises' multi-faceted biometrically secured access control solution.

Meet the SentryCard®

SentryCard® Solves COVID-19 Identification Challenges

SentryCard® is a self-contained, biometric fingerprint technology that replaces the need for common touchpoints and serves as a multi-function credential for both physical and logical access.

SentryCard® Solves COVID-19 Identification Challenges

Modern Security Requires Converged Security

Converged security can move security into the future and give organizations a way to view threats holistically and align security goals in a centralized and realistic manner. Put simply, it’s the next step in the natural evolution of security..

SentryCard® Converged Security

Unrivaled Security

Introducing the biometric SentryCard®—more than an alternative—it’s the only product providing  unrivaled security, that is more cost-effective than integrating separate technologies, and is compatible with the bank’s existing infrastructure. .

SentryCard® Unrivaled Security

Sentry Converged Biometric Platform SpecSheet

Redefining trust. We’re driving a new paradigm of converged biometric security, shifting away from relying on legacy forms of identification to the use of biometrically authenticated identification.

Sentry Converged Biometric Platform SpecSheet

SENTRY Presents: Intelligent Communications in a Campus Environment
The SentryCard, a state-of-the-art biometric solution that combines key best-in-class technologies into a single credential. The SentryCard platform solves the security challenges facing companies and institutions today -a proof positive biometric authentication for physical entry (whether Prox, iClass, SEOS or EV2), multi-factor biometric authentication for logical access as well as passive proximity detection for contact tracing and mustering.