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At SpinetiX, we inspire businesses to unlock the potential of their story. We believe in the power of digital signage as a dynamic new storytelling platform to engage with people. For more than 10 years, we have been constantly innovating to deliver cutting-edge technology that helps our customers shine. Engineered in Switzerland, our comprehensive suite of solutions empowers businesses to realize their full potential. Whether you’re looking for a plug & play solution to bring your story to life or a fully customized solution to captivate your audience, SpinetiX is your partner to successfully grow your business. For a complete line of products and services, please visit SpinetiX.

Links to Online Resources from SpinetiX:

SpinetiX Digital Signage Academy – Empowering Knowledge and Expertise

The SpinetiX Digital Signage Academy program offers a full range of training services and is the only global professional certification within the digital signage industry. Digital Signage Academy allows you to get your business up to speed with digital signage. Whatever your background, you can achieve the proficiency you need to work successfully with SpinetiX products and solutions. Academy modules include both webinar-based and on-site sessions as listed below.

Digital Signage Academy

Step into Digital Signage with SpinetiX – Introductory Training

Whether you're experienced in signage or looking to fulfill a one-off opportunity, this training session introduces the industry essentials and challenges, our solutions, our partner program, and how to move ahead with your next digital signage installation.

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Elementi Software Essentials - Entry Level Training

This training session is aimed at dealers and end-users who want to get started with Elementi software, the N1 Digital Signage Software. It complements the overview that the "Step Into Digital Signage" introductory training provides.

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Elementi Training Day - Simplifying Content Creation - Expert Training

The Elementi Training Day module provides the reseller or end-user with a design and configuration experience in creating a complete Digital Signage project in multiple deployment scenarios with our HMPs players and Elementi software.

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SpinetiX Arya Enterprise: The Digital Sinage Cloud for AV Integrators
End users are demanding cloud-based digital signage. With Arya Enterprise from SpinetiX, you can deliver a professional, self-service cloud system without the complexity of combining different brands. The power of our fully-featured software, SpinetiX Elementi, including Office 365 and Social Media connections, videowalls, live streaming and 250 widgets is fully compatible with Arya Enterprise. So new customers and existing SpinetiX installations can all benefit.