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SynAudCon's goal is to shorten your learning curve by providing practical and relevant training and educational material.

While it is certain that we live in the information age, information alone is not enough. Information must be deployed with expertise and direction.  We accomplished this goal in 3 ways:

  1. Sort through the vast sea of audio information and present the principles that matter; properly prioritized and weighted.
  2. SynAudCon teaches the "why" using common sense explanations and apply it to today's technology. If a person understands the "why" and the "how" becomes intuitive and logical.
  3. Keep the training concise, because we know that time is money.

For a comlete listing of Training and Resources, please visit SynAudCon.



Links to Online Training and Resources from SynAudCon:

Course 50 - How Sound Systems Work

The course will lay down the principles and terminology that apply to all sound systems. It will help you understand how things work so that you can choose the right cable, connector, mic, or loudspeaker to get the job done. Approved for 12 Rus and 6 Cedia CEUs.

Sound System Essentials, Setup and Operation

Course 100 - Principles of Audio

Most sound system issues are a result of simply overlooking the basic fundamentals of audio. Course 100 can take many years off of your journey to becoming a competent audio practitioner, eliminating the painful “learning curve” that comes with trial-and-error.  Principles of Audio presents the technical principles of audio in a logical order, with each topic receiving the proper priority and covered to just the right depth – all organized in a concise presentation that gets right to the point. Approved for 16 RUs & 8 CEDIA CEUs.

The Technical Principles of Audio

Course 110 - Transformer Distributed Loudspeaker Systems

If you understand how these systems work, you can effectively design and troubleshoot them. You will learn how transformers are used for signal distribution, including how they affect the applied voltage and current, and how they reflect the connected impedance. Approved for 9 RUs and 4.5 Cedia CEUs.

Theory, Design and Troubleshooting

Course 120 - Digital Signal Processing

Digital signal processors abound, but a DSP is only as good as the processes that it executes and the person that deploys it. Don’t be overwhelmed by the theory. This course presents it in an understandable framework, demonstrated with practical applications. It gets you up-to-speed quickly on this complex topic. Approved for 12 RUs and 6 Cedia CEUs.

Theory and Application of DSP

Course 130 - Equalization

Developed by Pat Brown, these courses sum up his 30+ years of system tuning experience; hard-won knowledge and methods that work.

“Understanding measurement and room acoustics is the key to effective equalization.” – Pat Brown

In a direct, systematic and orderly approach, this course covers the core concepts of measurement and room acoustics and applies them to the equalization process. This course will improve your proficiency on a simple 1/3-oct RTA or an advanced PC-based measurement system. Approved for 18RUs and 9 Cedia CEUs.

A systematic approach to sound system tuning

Course 200 - Signal Chain Optimization

Anyone can tweak and twiddle to get a sound system up and running. But, is your system optimized? Is it operating at its fullest potential? This course addresses the signal chain in-depth, including gain structure, component specifications, and amplifier/loudspeaker deployment.  Approved for 18 RUs and 7 Cedia CEUs.

A Systematic Approach to Signal Chain Optimization

Course 210 - Advanced Equalization

This course replicates the Course 130 material but includes additional lectures that address the finer points of measurement, filters, and the system tuning process.

If you are ready for a deeper understanding of electro-acoustic measurements this course is for you. Additional lectures on phase, group delay, wavelets, IIR and FIR filters are included.

This course is an excellent prep for training on specific measurement platforms.  Approved for 22RUs and 11 Cedia CEUs.

Equalization with Greather Breath and Depth

Course 300 - Sound Reinforcement for Designers

This course focuses on the room, loudspeaker, and the listener. Pat Brown presents important aspects of all three and blend them together to produce a “logical and intuitive sound system design process.”  Approved for 20 RUs and 10 Cedia CEUs.

Designing Clear and Intelligible Systems

Revit for AV Systems

This course takes you step-by-step through the workflow Jerrold Stevens developed for designing AV systems right in Revit.

This will show you how working in Revit can speed up the process of system design and coordination, quickly produce more accurate and detailed drawings, and create more comprehensive schedules.  Aprroved for 12 RUs and 4.5 Cedia CEUs.

Learn how Revit can speed up the process of AV system design.