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Vector Firm is the premier sales management consulting firm focused on the security industry. We have developed sales processes and tools specifically for the security integrator who is extremely busy running their business. We understand the security industry and the excessive demand that is placed on the owners and managers of security integration companies. Therefore, we have developed our programs and products to be easily implemented and utilized by the security integrator.
In support of its partnership with PSA, Vector Firm has developed the following solutions specifically for the PSA security integrator sales operation.

Links to Online Resources:

Vector Firm maintains its own online site. You can access their site and review their blogs by clicking the following link:

Below are descriptions of some of the key blogs available on their site.

The One Common Obstacle that Every Security Integrator Must Overcome to Sell More Hosted and Managed Services
There are dozens of reasons that security integrators want to grow their hosted and managed services business, and there are even more reasons that explain their struggles with achieving this goal.
How to Present Price When You Know That You're the Most Expensive
Conventional wisdom tells us to present the value first, and then the price. There are many arguments for this method, and they’re not wrong. However, when you’re the most expensive, this procedure doesn’t work.

Five Reasons Why Sales People in the Security Industry Must Become a Perceived Expert
For the last few years I’ve been preaching that sales people must become perceived experts in their market place. I still get push back supported by comments like: “It’s all about the relationship”, “sales is sales”, and my favorite: “knowing too much can hurt my selling”.
Five Things to Do After Losing a Sale
We’ve all been there. In fact, the more successful you are, the more often you’ve been there. It comes down to you and a few others, or maybe just one other. They choose someone else. It’s like a jab in your ribs, jaw, and nose at the same time.

PSA Managed Services Sales Training Program
The number one obstacle facing system integrators that want to grow their managed services is the ability of their salespeople to sell these services. PSA's Managed Services Sales Training Program has been created to expedite this process. Learn more here.

Five PSA Business Solutions That Will Grow Your Integration Business
Most security integration companies are enjoying success in the recent booming economy. However, many are not capturing greater market share or building a world-class sales organization that will continue to succeed when the market begins to slow. In this webinar, we'll demonstrate five PSA business solutions that will help you capture new market share and position your company to continue to grow, regardless of the state of the economy.
Sales Training Program Built Exclusively for PSA Integrators
In the last 10 - 15 years, the buying behavior of your customers has changed drastically: researching new technology, checking prices, and interacting with sales people. Everything has changed. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a sales training platform built for the security industry that addresses these changes ? until now?