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Viakoo automatically verifies performance and integrity of physical security systems and devices while delivering automated proof of their system compliance. Leveraging machine learning and purpose-built algorithms, Viakoo quickly and automatically detects physical security system failures, diagnoses problems, alerts users with repair information, and maintains historical records on operations. With Viakoo, users improve physical surveillance and security reliability and performance, gain critical insight into physical security systems, capture valuable operational performance information, eliminate lapses in security coverage and automate reporting for compliance and auditing.

Viakoo Inc. is an Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) company, located in Mountain View, California, USA.

Links to Online Resources:

Viakoo maintains many of its resources online to ensure the most current content is available. You can access their site and the content by clicking the following links.

Viakoo KnowledgeBase

Viakoo’s KnowledgeBase is the central support and training repository for our products. In the KnowledgeBase you can find detailed information on installing and activating Viakoo, how to set up customer accounts, a glossary of terminology, and detailed training materials. In addition, best practices, release notes, and “Dr. Viakoo” commentary are available.

Viakoo KnowledgeBase
Viakoo Training Modules

This links to Viakoo’s online training materials, broken into modules and examples.

Viakoo Training Module
Viakoo in One Minute

Overview animated video showing how Viakoo adds key capabilities to your physical security system.

Viakoo in One Minute
Viakoo Blog

Viakoo's company blog, providing thought leadership in a wide range of areas like cyber-hygiene, compliance, lifecycle management, and so forth.

Viakoo Blog

Coalfire 2018 PAG for PCI DSS 3.2 Final v1.1
This is a white paper produced by Coalfire, a leading PCI auditing firm, reviewing the applicability of Viakoo for supporting PCI audits. Coalfire's study found that Viakoo's reporting fully or partially satisfies the reporting requirements for 38 specific controls within PCI. For accounts that are subject to PCI audits, Viakoo can save substantial amounts of time in passing a PCI audit.
Coalfire LOA for Viakoo Predictive for Physical Security PCI DSS 3.2 Final v.2
Summary ?Letter of Assertion? from Coalfire highlighting their findings on use of Viakoo for PCI audit reporting.
Viakoo Critical Infrastructure_FINAL
Overview of how Viakoo benefits critical infrastructure operators.
Viakoo DS_CFUM v6
Datasheet for Viakoo?s award-winning Camera Firmware Update Manager (CFUM). CFUM won Security Today?s New Product of the Year Award in 2018 for its ability to automate (with safety at scale) the process of updating camera firmware. Without keeping up to date on camera firmware, IP cameras can be easy to install malware onto and have been a primary attack surface for denial of service attacks ? CFUM prevents that.
Viakoo DS_IoT_Tracker v6
Viakoo offers the ability to add any IP-enabled device into our dashboard and reporting, providing a single-pane-of-glass for knowing the status and performance of all devices within physical security. Examples of devices added through IoT Tracker are IP fire alarms, visitor kiosks, uninterruptable power supplies, and others. IoT Tracker extends the benefits of Viakoo to a wide range of devices.
Viakoo DS_Overview v6
An overview of how Viakoo provides service assurance for physical security systems.
Viakoo DS_Predictive v6
Datasheet for Viakoo?s flagship service assurance product, Viakoo Predictive.
Overview of how Viakoo benefits higher education.
Viakoo_Office Parks_FINAL
Overview of how Viakoo benefits office park operators.
Overview of how Viakoo benefits retailers.
WP GDPR and Viakoo v3
White paper on GDPR and how physical security system operators can benefit from using Viakoo as part of complying to GDPR. This white paper also provides how Viakoo?s solutions are GDPR compliant.
WP The-Architecture-Security-and-Performance-Elements-of-Viakoo-v2
White paper providing a technical overview of our service assurance products (Viakoo Preemptive and Viakoo Predictive), how our system processes data, and how information is shared between our system and customers.
WP Viakoo_Shrinking_Cyberattack_Final
White paper providing a high level understanding of the cyber-security risks present in physical security systems and what is needed to address them.
WP Video System Cyber and Performance Assurance_v3
White paper that dives into the Center for Internet Security (CIS) model for sustainable cyber-hygiene, and how Viakoo helps to maintain a high level of protection against cyber-threats.

Checklist Securing Your Video Security Network v6
This has been Viakoo?s most popular download. This checklist covers 12 key things that can be done to reduce cyber-vulnerabilities in physical security systems.
Viakoo DS_OnPremises v6
This datasheet provides details on using Viakoo in an on-premises deployment, where the user cannot connect to the cloud. This datasheet provides specifications for what is needed to run Viakoo fully behind a corporate firewall.
Viakoo DS_Overview_for_IT v6
This is a datasheet designed to give to the end users IT team to provide them with information as to what network and other resources are needed to run Viakoo. Viakoo believes a best practice in sales engagements is to begin the dialogue with IT as soon as possible, and this document can help to start that discussion.

Systems Integrator Roundtable: How to Keep Business Moving During COVID-19 Part 3
The economy is changing rapidly in light of COVID-19 and it will not be business as usual in its aftermath. Post Coronavirus COVID-19 and facing a down economy will not be business as usual. When business winds change abruptly a course correction is required. This session will provide ideas for adjusting selling strategies to provide solutions that meet the new buying priorities facing your customers and prospects.

This MSSP webinar will explore positioning value in a sales environment where buying priorities require a return on invested capital. This session will provide insights into the value of an R.O.I. focused selling during tough economic times. We will explore how Cloud architectures and recurring revenue models extend value to remote touchless access control and predictive maintenance solutions. We will also demonstrate how an R.O.I. calculator can provide owners and financial executives with positive bottom line returns on capital investments. Additional information will include:

*Customer Retention Strategy

*Positioning Cloud Managed Services RMR for Remote Access Control

*How Predictive Maintenance Reduces Service Calls and Expenses

*Leveraging Operational Budgets to Return Profits to the Business