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Viisights’ innovative behavioral analytics leverage the latest advancements in imaging technology to deliver new benchmarks in video intelligence that transcend traditional real-time surveillance monitoring and forensics by providing actionable intelligence to minimize liabilities and prevent incidents from escalating. viisights behavioral analytics are ideal for a wide range of use cases including safe and smart cities, transportation hubs, banking and financial institutions, corporate campuses, and education campuses.

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viisights Solutions

Discover viisights innovative behavioral analytics for safe and smart cities, smart enterprise, transportation hubs, security guard companies, critical infrastructure and shared mobility.

viisights Solutions

viisights Wise

Discover viisights Wise - a innovative behavioral analytics solution that provides automatic real-time understanding of video content captured by existing surveillance infrastructure.

viisights Wise

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Partner with viisights and leverage the fastest trending technology for professional security applications. Our innovative real-time behavioral analytics transform video streams into actionable insights by autonomously recognizing behaviors that demand immediate attention, ensuring the highest levels of security and safety. It’s the intelligent analytics solution your customers need more now than ever.

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