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Windy City Wire® has been leading the way in low-voltage wire innovations since 1994. As a company, we are dedicated to developing solutions that generate significant results for our customers. We don’t want to simply sell cable, we want to provide comprehensive cable management solutions that save integrators time on their projects from concept to completion.

Windy City Wire maintains its own online training site. You can access their site and set up a profile by visiting

Below are descriptions of key programs available from Windy City Wire:
What is a RackPack?

An introduction to the patented RackPack carton and all of it’s built in features, including details on how to utilize these features to maximize efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Vertical and Horizontal Pulls

Instructions on how to correctly utilize the RackPack carton to achieve vertical and horizontal cable pulls in the field.

The Side Hole

Details and instructions on how to properly use the side hole on RackPacks to accomplish larger more efficient cable pulls, maximizing efficiency and driving down labor costs..

iTags and Identifiers

Get a detailed look at all the information our iTags and ID Stickers put at your fingertips and how this can streamline your installs and inventory management.


Take a look at all the RackPack transportation devices, which transporters are best suited to specific installations and how to properly utilize all of them..

RackPack Review

A quick recap of all the critical information needed to maximize your efficiency and safety while reducing labor costs.


WINDY CITY WIRE Presents: Navigating the New World of Selling Through a Connected Process
See how to make the most of all the benefits and savings Windy City Wire's complete solution offers. Windy City Wire's primary goal is to enable their customers to Do More with Less ? by providing real solutions and value far beyond the wire!