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5 Sales Road Blocks that are Costing You Money
This session highlights the 5 Sales road blocks integrators face during the sales process
PSA Member Panel Using WeSuite - The Inside Scoop from The Protection Bureau
In this webinar you will get the inside scoop from Karen Baker, Senior Vice President of The Protection Bureau on the key factors leading to the use of WeSuite sales management software.
Sales Training Program Built Exclusively for PSA Integrators
In the last 10 - 15 years, the buying behavior of your customers has changed drastically: researching new technology, checking prices, and interacting with sales people. Everything has changed. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a sales training platform built for the security industry that addresses these changes ? until now?
SalesMarines: Your Next Generation of Security Sales Professionals
In this session we will explore some new innovative ideas of how to improve hiring, training and drawing on a new pool of new talent, U.S. veterans reentering the work force.
Spend More Time Selling! How to Quickly & Visually Identify Areas for Growth in Key Accounts and Targets
If you find yourself spending more time digging than selling, it?s time to change the way you look at sales. In today?s webinar, you will get a high-level view of Wesuite?s brand new Visual Accounts Dashboard which is customized by you!
System Surveyor - A Breakthrough in Security System Design Management
System Surveyor will illustrate a live demo and attendees will observe how to manage multi-site, complex projects more efficiently and improve margins and customer service.
Tax Breaks for Security Integrators and Solutions Providers
In this webinar, Sonny Grover from alliantgroup will discuss the latest updates to powerful tax credits, incentives and deductions that impact security integrators, solutions providers and business owners. Mr. Grover will walk you through the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit and why it applies to you, the latest changes to the tax code from the IRS and how you can qualify for these exciting credits and incentives.
WeSuite - Sales Management from Contact to Contract
If you're in need of a cohesive, streamlined sales process, and can use real-time sales data to improve marketing, project delivery and your bottom line, watch this session.