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6 Ways to Futureproof Your Customer and Protect Against Attrition
In this session, Paul DiPeso & Brian Matthews will share with you some key steps to avoid a messy overhaul.
Deliver Maximum Protection and Flexibility for Installations of Any Size with Lenel and Interlogix
Discover new ways to offer advanced and flexible video network and hardware options from Lenel and Interlogix.
Discover a Unique Strategy to Drive Your IP Video Surveillance Solutions Sales Increase Customer Satisfaction
Randy Brem, VP of Sales for Razberi, shares how security integrators are embracing a new, more reliable, cost-effective, and flexible approach to IP video surveillance solutions and what types of applications benefit most from this strategy.
Extending Compliance and Policy Automation Into Access Control - Expanding the Secuirty Integration Footprint
Through this webinar you'll see how you can expand the advisory and integration footprint within an organization from physical security to IT to the compliance department. Learn how to utilize security solutions that help to implement identity management while automating policy enforcement to improve business operations and compliance. Get ready to take your security integration business to the next level.
General Liability What it Covers and What it Doesn't
This webinar explains how General Liability fits into a comprehensive insurance portfolio and outlines what limitations, exclusions and gaps exist for the integrator professional that can be addressed either by other insurance (such as cyber, employment practices liability or professional liability) or risk management controls (such as contracts and appropriate additional insured endorsements).
Getting Eyes on Hard-to-Reach Locations - New Affordable Options for Remote Site Surveillance
In this webinar you will learn about how recent developments in low-power electronics, state of the art solar/battery systems, cloud video, and cellular LTE can be combined to provide very cost effective and flexible solutions for remote site surveillance and monitoring. These new solutions enable addressing hard-to-reach sites at cost points that customers can accept, meaning new opportunities for integrators to make money and delight customers.
How to Make More Margin and Win with Veracity
In this session, you will discover how Veracity can help you to save time and money as well as improve your margins on video installations, using innovative transmission, storage and display products, primarily for network video applications.
Is Facial Recognition Here to Stay
In this session, we will demonstrate a sophisticated biometric device that provides instant, reliable confirmation of identity.
Learn About BluB0X and Security 4.0 Cloud Mobile Biometric Unified Open Smart
This session intends to discuss on how BluB0X is re-imagining security with Security 4.0.
Maximize IP Video System ROI with Adequate Lighting
In this webinar, we will discuss how companies can reduce bandwidth and storage requirements as well as improve video analytics using Axton infrared illuminators (IR).
Migrating Your Customers to a User-Friendly Open Architecture VMS!
You will discover how Ocularis 5.0 is a smart and simple choice that will enhance your prevention and investigation capabilities. A host of supported third-party integrations such as video analytics, access control, and license plate recognition means a more robust system with stronger and smarter security.
New Markets New Money with Outdoor Wireless Cameras
In this session, you will get a more in depth look into some outdoor camera options available and discover how you can operate with little to no infrastructure other than a cell phone signal.
NFPA 72 - 2016 and the Integration of Security Solutions with Emergency Communication Systems
Within the latest edition of the NFPA 72 a number of changes have been adopted that affect the solutions that can be placed within the built environment. The use of a "Class N" Ethernet infrastructure for alarm and signaling systems has now been created. The objective of this presentation is to understand the definition and use case of the Class N infrastructure and how the communications industry now has a significant role in messaging and distribution of Emergency Communications Systems.
OSDP and Access Control - How to Manage the Transition to a New Industry Standard
Cypress Integration Solutions will discuss the Security Industry Association's emerging OSDP standard.
Protect Your Customer and Increase Your RMR with Winland's Insight Solution
In this session, you will learn about cutting-edge software featuring automated real-time alerts and data collection which will provide the fastest possible issue resolutions.
Raise Your RMR with Linear Access Control and 2GIG!
This informative session will discuss how you can create recurring monthly revenue opportunities with security and control solutions from Nortek.
Rock a Reliable and Flexible Communication System with Talkaphone
Bob Shanes, VP of Sales for Talkaphone will share with you how to add a powerful and reliable layer of communication for your solutions.
See How IR Illumination Contributes to Improved Network Video Surveillance
Raytec provides a line of active-infrared and white light illuminators designed specifically for high definition video systems. The unique elliptical-shaped beam pattern of the VARIO Series provides an exceptionally even-illuminated images with a high video signal.
Thermal Detection Technology for a More Secure Perimeter
In this session, we will help you to better understand how thermal detection is used to detect intrusion in all weather conditions.
Which Button to Push - Selecting the Right Panic Button Solution for Instant Emergency Mass Notification
Join Alertus Technologies and PSA Security Network as we discuss best practices for selecting and implementing the four most popular panic button options: wall mounted, under the desk, desktop, and mobile. This webinar will also include a live demonstration of each panic button option.
Why Buy an NVR, When You Can Buy an iFT
Find out how you can quickly & easily deploy a reliable, cost-effective remote monitoring solution with Xtralis.