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6 Ways to Futureproof Your Customer and Protect Against Attrition
In this session, Paul DiPeso & Brian Matthews will share with you some key steps to avoid a messy overhaul.
A New Way to Sell Access Control
How are you staying competitive in your market? Customers have gotten a lot smarter and they're educating themselves on their security options. They understand automation and convenience and they're spending more time focusing on how they can save money and still get what they need for their businesses. Doesn't it make sense to offer a solution that allows them to add access control at an affordable price? Brivo makes it simple to meet the requirements of your customers with a choice of pricing options. Join us to learn more about how you can offer great solutions to your prospects and set yourself apart in your market with Brivo.
Acendo Webinar by Harman
Learn about the AMX Acendo Family ? elegant, user-friendly collaboration products that are easy to install and require zero programming.
AI in Practice How this Emerging Technology is Changing the Security Landscape
In this webinar, you will discover how AI works, how its being implemented and how Robotic Assistance Devices is using AI to develop technology to drive new levels of situational awareness.
ALMO Presents: Watch Your Business Grow with Almo Services
Don't turn away opportunities because you don't have the staff, the skills, the time, the cash flow or the platforms to support it. That list goes on. As your partner, Almo is fully prepared to support your company with services you label as your own to create a seamless experience for your customers. Our contracted technicians are experienced, highly trained and follow a well-vetted scope of work created with your assistance and input from the customer.
Arecont Vision Acquisition, Contera Cameras, VMS, and Cloud Solutions Where You Can Actually Realize Recurring Revenue
In this webinar, we will discuss the recent acquisition of Arecont Vision by Costar and our plans moving forward. With that, the new Contera line of products will be at the top of the list where we will show real world examples of how to show customers value around hybrid cloud solutions where you can actually realize recurring revenue with a product that makes sense to the end user.
AtlasIED Presents: Singlewire Mass Notification Software Introduction
In case you haven't heard the news, AtlasIED has just launched a distribution partnership with Singlewire. The objective is to utilize their InformaCast Emergency Mass Notification Software platform with our IPX speakers. The InformaCast software is a great headend to our IPX and analog speakers. The Singlewire leadership is so supportive of the partnership, that they have provided us with a dedicated Singlewire representative to support our business needs. Presented by: Brad Jungemann | Channel Sales Specialist - AtlasIED | Singlewire.
BCDVideo Overview and Updates
In this webinar, you will hear the latest updates from BCDVideo. BCDVideo has become the leading video surveillance storage manufacturer for security integrators all over the world. BCDVideo engineer?s custom solutions built precisely for the particular project and site that deliver the best performance, scalability, and efficiency
Building a Smart Network Through Software Defined Automation
In this webinar from BCDVideo's Director of Advanced Systems Architecture and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's Development Director of Video Surveillance & IOT, attendees will discover how software defined automation helps build smart networks. Attendees will be able to understand common network related issues within physical security and how leveraging Smart Network topologies can decrease deployment efforts and allow them to scale available resources.
Building Compounding RMR with Autonomous Video Security Services and Artificial Intelligence
In this session, attendees will learn about how they can partner with Umbo Computer Vision to build compounding recurring revenue streams. Get an overview of Umbo's efficient and accurate Artificial Intelligence. Discover how to maximize your customers' existing third-party hardware installations with Umbo CV Light AI's RSTP features. With Umbo Computer Vision, end users can manage hundreds of hours more security video and better protect their property while using fewer human resources. At the same time, system integrators can diversify and grow their hardware and installation revenue.
Capturing RMR with Remote Security
LiveView Technologies has a singular focus on building best practices to move actionable information from the most remote locations to end users around the world. To that end they have developed technologies that manage bandwidth consumption (cellular, satellite, etc), decrease power footprint requirements (solar centric), and provide a user friendly cloud-based platform that can be securely accessed from any computer or smartphone in the world.
Cloud Based 101
Learn Brivo's approach to access control. In this recorded video, understand the basic functions and basic components of physical access control.
ComNet Expands its Product Offering_ Come to See Where ComNet has Never Gone Before
In this webinar, attendees will discover the latest offering to protect a network and a brand new offering in Access Control. When your customer is concerned about the network security, relieve their anxiety with the latest Comnet Network security features. Why is Comnet entering the Access Control Market? See the latest Netwave wireless unit feature rich with a price that will leave the competition drooling.
COMNET Presents: Selecting the Proper Media Converter
In this webinar, Comnet will explain the differences between media converters. There are many types with different capabilities for different applications. In this session, Comnet will help attendees select the correct converter to ensure a reliable solution for customers.
Console Design: Custom Consoles Made Easy
Learn about the console construction, materials and designs unique to Middle Atlantic and the customization capabilities to fit your unique projects. This training focuses on understanding console design and room layout for security, command/control and broadcast applications giving you full confidence to tackle your next console opportunity. Also, review products from Legrand's partner, LundHalsey - a UK based industry leading manufacturer in the custom console space, and the offerings only available in North America through Legrand.
COVID-19 Vendor Spotlight: Frictionless/Touchless Access
Touch-free biometrics, mobile credentials and automatic door opening are now mainstream technologies that are being demanded by building owners and tenants. Join us for a technology spotlight from Luc Merrdew of HID, Mauricio Lainez of Security Door Controls, Rob Kay of Northland Controls and Paul Boucherle representing ZKTeco.
Dedrone Presents: Smart Airspace Security in the Age of Drones
In this webinar, attendees will discover what drones mean to security teams. Dedrone will discuss what threats drones pose and how security teams can protect people, property and information against unauthorized drones. Presented by: Amit Samani, VP Americas & UK, Dedrone.
DEFENDIFY Presents: A Simple Approach to Add Value Through Digital Security
Offering digital security to drive recurring revenue shouldn't have to be complicated. Shanna Utgard and Rob Simopulous of Defendify address questions about how systems integrators might approach existing, and new customers, with cybersecurity offerings that go beyond traditional antivirus and firewall protection. In this 30 minute webinar you will learn the simple steps to add more value through: * Free cybersecurity tools to attract customers and identify critical vulnerabilities for remediation * Additional deep-dive cybersecurity services that take minutes to set up and no time to manage * Affordable cybersecurity protection that scales as more people, processes, and technology are added
Deliver Maximum Protection and Flexibility for Installations of Any Size with Lenel and Interlogix
Discover new ways to offer advanced and flexible video network and hardware options from Lenel and Interlogix.
Designing Optimized Video Surveillance System Architecture: The Importance of Monitoring & Securing IP Cameras
Discover solutions that address today and future challenges of current video surveillance systems. Gain access to open platforms that will allow you to utilize "Best of Breed" surveillance/security solution providers. Razberi Technologies shows solutions that allow integrators to do more with less from the Edge to the Core and even outdoors! Discover platforms that do not sacrifice performance and provide clients with cybersecurity and health monitoring. Buying a box is insufficient when future proofing a client's business with a solution.
Digital Watchdog - HD Video Surveillance Made Easy
Digital Watchdog has a lot to share about the latest version of their dynamic DW Spectrum? IPVMS, new MEGApix? CaaS edge cameras powered by DW Spectrum? IPVMS onboard, new MEGApix? multi-sensor cameras and cameras with analytics, Blackjack? NAS devices and more. During this webinar, attendees will see how to get the most from Digital Watchdog's products, unique product features and valuable programs.
Discover a Unique Strategy to Drive Your IP Video Surveillance Solutions Sales Increase Customer Satisfaction
Randy Brem, VP of Sales for Razberi, shares how security integrators are embracing a new, more reliable, cost-effective, and flexible approach to IP video surveillance solutions and what types of applications benefit most from this strategy.
EAGL Technology Presents: A "Next Level", Scalable, IoT Solution for Mass Notification and Gunshot Detection
In this webinar, attendees will discover how you can deliver next level situational awareness, and make additional on-going revenue with EAGL Technology's scalable, accurate, and easy to install technology. Presented by: Scott Seidler | Sr. Business Development Manager - East | EAGL Technology, Inc.
Emcom Systems: The Emergency Phones You Have Been Waiting For
In this webinar, attendees will discover Emcom Systems' offerings to PSA members. Emcom Systems is a leading manufacturer of communications equipment that provides integrators with VoIP Emergency Blue Light Stations, Elevator phones, Area of Rescue systems as well as software that allows integration with VMS, PA and more.
Expanding Your Business: Area of Rescue Solutions
Are you interested in learning about a healthy margin growth business that is commonly overlooked? Do you want to know how to grow your footprint in the building and life safety space? Join Talkaphone to learn how to identify and specify Area of Rescue solutions, especially if you aren't currently. Talkaphone will guide you in where to identify AOR solutions in an RFQ, so you can easily spec and design the system with confidence.
Expect More with HySecurity Gate Operators, Crash Gates and Barrier Arms
HySecurity operators secure the world?s critical infrastructure and key assets where ultimate reliability is vital. In this webinar, you will discover how HySecurity operators provide unparalleled quality and total lifetime value. You will also see the level of support you can expect from HySecurity ? including complete system design with specification support.
Extending Compliance and Policy Automation Into Access Control - Expanding the Secuirty Integration Footprint
Through this webinar you'll see how you can expand the advisory and integration footprint within an organization from physical security to IT to the compliance department. Learn how to utilize security solutions that help to implement identity management while automating policy enforcement to improve business operations and compliance. Get ready to take your security integration business to the next level.
Fever Detection: Fact or Fiction?
Are you being asked for fever detection cameras? Can they really do what they claim? Are you concerned about the risks that come with this technology? Join us for a panel discussion by PSA members and consultants with experience in this field. We'll separate fact from fiction and give you important information to help navigate this new business environment.
General Liability What it Covers and What it Doesn't
This webinar explains how General Liability fits into a comprehensive insurance portfolio and outlines what limitations, exclusions and gaps exist for the integrator professional that can be addressed either by other insurance (such as cyber, employment practices liability or professional liability) or risk management controls (such as contracts and appropriate additional insured endorsements).
Get to Know Dahua
Dahua Technology USA brings high-value, total security solutions to the North American market. Here?s a chance to learn more about one of the global leaders in video surveillance and its cutting-edge products. This session is designed for installers to learn more about Dahua?s robust cameras and recording devices, with the latest technologies such as HD analog, 4K, H.265, and multi-sensor cameras.
Getting Eyes on Hard-to-Reach Locations - New Affordable Options for Remote Site Surveillance
In this webinar you will learn about how recent developments in low-power electronics, state of the art solar/battery systems, cloud video, and cellular LTE can be combined to provide very cost effective and flexible solutions for remote site surveillance and monitoring. These new solutions enable addressing hard-to-reach sites at cost points that customers can accept, meaning new opportunities for integrators to make money and delight customers.
Growing with Security Financing - How to Increase Network Video Surveillance Sales through Leasing
Could you be improving your sales volume by offering a financing option to your customer? In this webinar, you will discover how short-term B2B financing can help you sell more products and services in the network video surveillance market.
How to Earn $100,000 in Additional Revenue by Asking One Simple Question
When mounting access control devices in non-wall environments you are faced with special challenges. Learn about the easiest solutions and how to drive extra revenue from these opportunities without much effort. Learn how to use the pressures of time (or lack thereof) to beat your competition and favor your customers.
How to Make More Margin and Win with Veracity
In this session, you will discover how Veracity can help you to save time and money as well as improve your margins on video installations, using innovative transmission, storage and display products, primarily for network video applications.
Increase Profitability & Limit Competition by Integrating New Entrance Control Technology
As security hardware is becoming increasingly more commoditized, it becomes challenging for integrators to maintain profitability & limit competition. ZKTeco returns profitability & limits competition for PSA members by offering integrated entrance control solutions. With ZKTeco entrance control solutions, PSA members can use either traditional HID readers or hybrid biometric readers for greater security & convenience. Long-range face recognition provides the ultimate in HANDS-FREE Security & Convenience. Authorized users simply look at the camera to unlock the door.
Increased R.M.R. and Happier Customers; The Benefits of Hosted Solutions
Learn more about what can be made possible by these new hosted solutions. Tap into the cash flow potential of some of your biggest clients with this webinar. We'll be covering topics including: -Next generation analytics -Simplified hosted solutions -Intelligent hardware as an investment -Surveillance as a service monetization
INFRARED CAMERA INC. Presents: Introduction to ICI and Elevated Body Temperature Screening
This webinar will provide PSA integrators a brief overview of the ICI organization and technology and systems offered for a safe and healthy return to facilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond. Presented by Carl Schultz, Director of Channel Sales, ICI Infared Cameras.
Intro to the Proactive Data Storage & Monitoring Surveillance Cloud Solutions
This webinar will introduce you to Proactive Data Storage and Monitoring's patented technology that greatly reduces video file sizes and monitors the surveillance systems health and how this technology will enable you to quickly build RMR with greater margins, while giving clients peace of mind by backing up and protecting important video recordings to the cloud. The world backs up their important data, now there is an affordable way to back-up video data to the cloud!
Is Facial Recognition Here to Stay
In this session, we will demonstrate a sophisticated biometric device that provides instant, reliable confirmation of identity.
Key Vertical Markets
Learn how to alleviate customer pain points. In this recorded presentation, Brivo will review the tools necessary to reach key markets.
Kramer AV Presents: Kramer Hybrid Education Solutions - Education for Everyone, Everywhere
Kramer's easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain Hybrid Education Solutions seamlessly integrate the latest collaboration technology for instant, on-screen lesson presentations from any device. From software agnostic and fully flexible solutions, to dedicated Zoom Rooms, Kramer Hybrid Education Solutions perfectly pair professional audio and video hardware, media streaming capabilities, and the most popular video conferencing software, improving engagement for in-class and remote students. Kramer's Hybrid Education Solutions are comprised of technology designed specifically to outlast the pandemic, making the long-term investment worthwhile. Presented by: Matt Kopin | Product Manager for Kramer
Learn About BluB0X and Security 4.0 Cloud Mobile Biometric Unified Open Smart
This session intends to discuss on how BluB0X is re-imagining security with Security 4.0.
legrand Presents: Safe Space Solutions in Digital Signage
Digital Signage is a highly dynamic industry that is poised to respond to shifts in customer needs. This session will present the new safe space trends in digital signage and how they can positively impact a client's operational excellence and assist in their reopening plans.
Maximize IP Video System ROI with Adequate Lighting
In this webinar, we will discuss how companies can reduce bandwidth and storage requirements as well as improve video analytics using Axton infrared illuminators (IR).
Migrating Your Customers to a User-Friendly Open Architecture VMS!
You will discover how Ocularis 5.0 is a smart and simple choice that will enhance your prevention and investigation capabilities. A host of supported third-party integrations such as video analytics, access control, and license plate recognition means a more robust system with stronger and smarter security.
Mobile PRO Systems Presents: Get Smarter With Innovative Mobile Surveillance Solutions
"Get Smarter: With Innovative Mobile Surveillance Solutions? webinar will provide an introduction to Mobile Pro Systems, the attributes of their extensive product line and a brief overview of the available products and solutions. Identification of new and emerging target markets, followed by discussion of how increased revenues can be recognized through the sale of mobile security and surveillance technologies, will complete the presentation.
New Markets New Money with Outdoor Wireless Cameras
In this session, you will get a more in depth look into some outdoor camera options available and discover how you can operate with little to no infrastructure other than a cell phone signal.
New Year, New Potential with Defendify, the All-In-One Cybersecurity Platform
In this webinar, you?ll learn how Defendify solves the problem of cybersecurity for Small Business while providing a new source of recurring revenue for resellers. See firsthand Defendify?s cybersecurity platform in action and learn how they are making cybersecurity possible for every Small Business and Systems Integrator. Offering a cybersecurity solution can seem complicated at first, but Defendify simplifies the process with their holistic solution and their dedication to ease of use. You?ll leave this straightforward presentation with a better overall awareness of cybersecurity, understanding of how Defendify works, and action steps you can take to get started. The better you understand your role as a cybersecurity provider and the benefits of Defendify, the better you can prepare yourself, your organization, and your customers.
New! Web-based WeEstimate Site Survey Module for Integrators
A brand-spanking new enhancement made with our PSA Security Integrators in mind! Check out our web-based Site Survey Module that is powered directly by WeEstimate.
NFPA 72 - 2016 and the Integration of Security Solutions with Emergency Communication Systems
Within the latest edition of the NFPA 72 a number of changes have been adopted that affect the solutions that can be placed within the built environment. The use of a "Class N" Ethernet infrastructure for alarm and signaling systems has now been created. The objective of this presentation is to understand the definition and use case of the Class N infrastructure and how the communications industry now has a significant role in messaging and distribution of Emergency Communications Systems.
NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Workforce Development Solutions
"NISTCSF.COM is a NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NCSF) workforce development program brought to you by itSM Solutions LLC and UMass Lowell a NSA/DHS National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research (CAE-R). This innovative cybersecurity workforce development program is built around an NCSF Controls Factory? model created by Larry Wilson, CISO in the university president?s office to engineer, operate and continually improve a NIST Cybersecurity Program across the university?s five campuses. Since its inception, the program has also been adopted by multiple universities and colleges in the New England area. The NCSF Control Factory? model helps enterprises organize the Engineering, Technical Operations and Business functions of an NCSF program. The model is completely adaptable, which means that each of the modules can easily be updated, replaced or modified with minimal impact on the overall solution. Organizations are free to choose the minimum set of controls its need to improve its cybersecurity risk profile and then over time adopt additional controls that will take it to a higher cybersecurity state. The factory approach allows for changes in the cybersecurity threat landscape, new vulnerabilities and the addition of improvements while still keeping a focus on the critical assets and identities."
NVT Phybridge: Strategies Proven to Accelerate Your IP Business
Providers like you introduced Modern LAN innovations to win over big customers including The White House, NASA, the US Department of State, leading hospitality brands, educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies.
OfficePRO Presents: New Revenue Streams for the Systems Integrator
This webinar will outline how systems integrators can bundle OfficePro training and support products into their client bids or white label our products to generate revenue and increase customer adoption.
OpenEye - Cloud Managed Video Solutions
An introduction to how OpenEye can help you generate recurring service revenue and reduce service costs using their cloud managed video platform, OpenEye Web Services. Create ?sticky? customers by providing real value through centralized user management, improved cyber security, online clip export & sharing, health monitoring and generating actionable intelligence through rule-based alerts. Learn how cloud managed video can provide a better return on investment for your customers and differentiate your company from others offering low margin, hardware only, recorder sales.
Orion Speed Lanes - Not Just Another Shiny Box: Differences You and Your Clients Will Appreciate
In this webinar, we will discuss how Orion Entrance Control has created a Custom Culture built on our own Standard Platform.
OSDP and Access Control - How to Manage the Transition to a New Industry Standard
Cypress Integration Solutions will discuss the Security Industry Association's emerging OSDP standard.
Partner Webinar: Beyond the Blacklist - Why TAA, NDAA and Encryption are Critical Now
Going beyond the simple "It's NOT on the blacklist" and ensuring supply chain and data security. The TAA and the NDAA are big, complex buying programs that are required for all federal agencies. Federal and many state guidelines now also require advanced encryption. Learn from Arxys, Seagate and Milestone how to navigate these rough seas to bring home the treasure.
PELCO Presents: Pelco Solutions Overview
Pelco delivers end-to-end video surveillance and security solutions that provide the information necessary to make real-time, business-enabling decisions. Pelco offers the broadest selection of IP security cameras for both commercial and industrial setting. This includes fixed, high-speed PTZ cameras, panoramic, thermal imaging, and explosion-proof features.
PELCO: Vision, Mission, and Values
Kurt Takahashi, Pelco's CEO, introduces new Vision, Mission, and Values and describes how these core qualities create the foundation of every aspect of Pelco's operation, enabling us to provide the best possible experience for our customers.
Phishing Prevention Managed Services, a Non-Technical Cybersecurity that Drives RMR
This webinar session is about Indarra's offering of a no-load, easily adaptable cybersecurity solution that increases your RMR.
PIVOT3 Presents: Going Beyond NVRs - Where and How to Modernize
Many security teams rely on NVRs to capture and store video. While this is a valid approach for some environments, customers that consider their video mission critical may be exposing themselves to increased risk and liability with this 20-year-old storage technology. Join this webcast to learn how to qualify customer opportunities to determine when is the right time to propose a more modern approach.
Pivot3: Disruptive Technology Transforming the Physical Security Infrastructure Market
Learn how the physical security infrastructure market is rapidly evolving to support the demands of emerging technologies and how to grow business as customers demand support for analytics, artificial intelligence, and other advanced workloads within a security infrastructure. Pivot3 can help open new lines of business by offering differentiated solutions to new challenges.
Powering AV - Power Solutions That Fit Unique AV Challenges
In this webinar, review Middle Atlantic solutions for your everyday power challenges, including Horizontal and Vertical rack mountable power solutions, surge protection, multi-circuit, configurable and customizable PDU's, UPS backup power and remote power management solutions. Also covered, unique power problem solvers during specification and installation of systems.
Prevent Crime or Property Damage Before It Occurs with Netwatch
Netwatch Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM) service utilizes smart analytics to identify suspicious activities to prevent crimes before they occur. The Netwatch proprietary technology intuitively filters out nuisance alarms. Within seconds, threats are presented to the Intervention Specialists who provide a live audio warning and continued real-time audio and visual assistance to the authorities.
ProTech Presents: Electrical Utilities Security Technology Overview
Learn why Electrical Utilities across the country are choosing PROTECH's perimeter security technologies as their primary line of defense. PROTECH's innovative technologies can eliminate typical Nuisance/False alarms issues while maintaining Probability of Detection like no other manufacturer in the industry. Presented by: Jeffrey Morris, VP of Sales, ProTech.
Protect Your Customer and Increase Your RMR with Winland's Insight Solution
In this session, you will learn about cutting-edge software featuring automated real-time alerts and data collection which will provide the fastest possible issue resolutions.
Prox to Smart: Creating a Transitional Credential Strategy
While the growth of 13.56 MHz smart card technology credentials are outpacing 125 kHz proximity credentials, the number of proximity credentials in the market far exceeds any other RFID technology. What customers may not realize is that their proximity credentials could be a security risk. In this webinar, learn how you can help your customers with a strategy to migrate their readers and credentials to more secure technology that puts them in the driver's seat.
Raise Your RMR with Linear Access Control and 2GIG!
This informative session will discuss how you can create recurring monthly revenue opportunities with security and control solutions from Nortek.
RAPID ENTRY Presents: An All-in-One Temperature Checking Solution
To provide a safe environment, building operators are being asked to conduct temperature checks on occupants and visitors prior to their access. RapidEntry provides a seamless way to screen people as they enter the building naturally, without long queues or intrusion. A specialized thermal camera with calibrator technology is integrated into a sturdy and aesthetically designed structure, which can quickly and easily fit into most building lobbies or check-in space.
RASILIENT Presents: Everything You Want to Know About IP, but Afraid to Ask
Join this informative session to learn TCP/IP networking basics, for today's integrator. We will cover an introduction to TCP/IP networking, the OSI model, IP as it relates to video surveillance, subnets and subnets masking, IP surveillance network design and how Rasilient relates to them. Whether you're new to IP, physical security, or keep coming across the same questions over and over, this session will be helpful for security integrators everywhere!
RAYTEC Illuminators On Installed Surveillance Projects
In this webinar, RAYTEC discusses specific projects they have worked on. The first project discussed is sporting venues security project as well as a high-end residential installation at a country club.
Remote Access Shouldn't Stop at the Front Door
How many doors are you leaving unsecured? Rethink remote access control and secure every door, inside and out. Learn how RemoteLock is putting more doors within reach while bringing RMR opportunities to integrators that can be deployed, managed and billed quickly for a fraction of the cost of traditional access control solutions.
Revenue Generation in a Downturn
This webinar will highlight two MSSP partners whose services can help increase revenue during a disruptive 2020 business cycle. Customer buying requirements and capital budgeting trends are a key focus. As such, RMR Sales Compensation Models will also be discussed.
Rock a Reliable and Flexible Communication System with Talkaphone
Bob Shanes, VP of Sales for Talkaphone will share with you how to add a powerful and reliable layer of communication for your solutions.
Seagate - SkyHawk for Surveillance Insights and Best Practices
In this webinar, Clayton Bailey from Seagate, North America Surveillance Sales, introduces Hard Drive Storage optimized for video surveillance. In this short introduction, Seagate will provide: _Impact of the Data Explosion Global _Advantages of Purpose-Built Video Surveillance optimized hard drives _Best Practices for handling Hard Drives for added or replacement storage
Security Customers Have Already Caught the Cyber Wave; Integrators Need to Get Their Boards or Be Left On the Beach
The cyber threat has come to integrators whether they are ready or not. All of these induce a cyber threat to the customer that integrators need to manage. This period of change is an opportunity for Integrators who understand that cybersecurity offers long-term managed service contracts and increases their value to customers. Integrators who offer full-spectrum, managed security services will prosper while those who wait will wither.
See How IR Illumination Contributes to Improved Network Video Surveillance
Raytec provides a line of active-infrared and white light illuminators designed specifically for high definition video systems. The unique elliptical-shaped beam pattern of the VARIO Series provides an exceptionally even-illuminated images with a high video signal.
SENTRY Presents: Intelligent Communications in a Campus Environment
The SentryCard, a state-of-the-art biometric solution that combines key best-in-class technologies into a single credential. The SentryCard platform solves the security challenges facing companies and institutions today -a proof positive biometric authentication for physical entry (whether Prox, iClass, SEOS or EV2), multi-factor biometric authentication for logical access as well as passive proximity detection for contact tracing and mustering.
SHARP Presents: Smarter with SHARP
Learn how Sharp is building its strategy and line up to support the future of work. Whether an individual is in the office or working remote, Sharp has an excellent line up of digital signage, copiers, laptops, collaboration gear and software to help prepare companies for the office of the future.
SHURE Presents: Introducing the New Shure Ecosystem for Audio Conferencing
Market trends point to ever increasing adoption of AV technologies geared around simple deployment, intuitive operation and seamless compatibility with leading collaboration platforms. With the introduction of the new product offerings, Shure now provides the complete audio signal chain, from input to output. Join us in this USAV-exclusive webinar to get an exciting overview of the new ecosystem solution for AV conferencing, all from Shure.
SpinetiX Arya Enterprise: The Digital Sinage Cloud for AV Integrators
End users are demanding cloud-based digital signage. With Arya Enterprise from SpinetiX, you can deliver a professional, self-service cloud system without the complexity of combining different brands. The power of our fully-featured software, SpinetiX Elementi, including Office 365 and Social Media connections, videowalls, live streaming and 250 widgets is fully compatible with Arya Enterprise. So new customers and existing SpinetiX installations can all benefit.
STEPS bSMART Entry Assessments Presents: Minimizing Liability & Safely Bringing People Back to Work
Stay engaged with your customers, help them get back to work, and reduce liability. The first step is getting employees and customers into the facility safely. Learn how bSMART? Entry Assessment benefits integrators and customers by producing a straightforward plan that can be operationally effective in 2 to 30 days. Integrators can proactively deliver quotes for implementation of recommended equipment upgrades. Customers gain confidence that they are meeting the needs of their staff and their customers while simultaneously minimizing business liability.
System Surveyor Presents: The ROI of Digital Transformation for System Integrators
While 2020 is behind us, the world continues to change and adapt. The status quo for customer delivery is no longer an option. Every point of the customer journey needs a look and a possible digital overhaul to operate efficiently and profitably. System Integrators in our industry are no different. Join us for a discussion on a pragmatic approach to digital transformation and the potential results. Join a live webinar highlighting the case for a customer engagement and system design platform that delivers 35% time savings, 20% increase in sales conversion, and the potential for 10% improvement in profit margins. Presented by: Maureen Carlso
TELEPORTIVITY A Perfect Solution for Higher Education AV/IT Managers
Did you know that you can resell the Teleportivity platform (like a zoom, webex or any software application) to your Higher Education End-User Customers to solve many AV and IT Support-related issues on campus? Teleportivity can significantly reduce tech support calls, eliminating unnecessary visits to rooms only to discover that it's a user issue. Join us to learn how you can help your end-user customers transform their own support and service experience.
The Importance of Backup Power Protection
In this webinar, attendees will gain understanding of the critical role an Uninterruptible Power Supply and Surge Protection has in protecting mission critical devices for all environments.
Thermal Detection Technology for a More Secure Perimeter
In this session, we will help you to better understand how thermal detection is used to detect intrusion in all weather conditions.
Transition Networks Presents: Using Alternative Power in Physical Security Networks
Transition Networks demonstrates how PoE powering is accomplished and what is required for powering with the specific voltages and wattage needed for today Powered devices. All levels of PoE networking power are outlined to understand the design and implementation of the infrastructure needed to provide a business class PoE security network.
Utilizing the Power of Brivo Cloud Access and PSA to Grow Your Business, Dive RMR, and Build Enterprise Value
In this webinar, Brivo discusses the fundamentals of Brivo, the first and largest provider of cloud-based access control. Topics covered include the benefits of a: ? SaaS-based and recurring revenue access control solution ? Partner that puts customers information security as a top priority ? Product that is truly simple to deploy and easy to manage ? Custom Finance Opportunity - PSA Access Solutions Powered by Brivo
Video Walls for Security Operations Centers
Please join us for this special event to learn more about how video walls are rapidly becoming requirements, not luxuries in most SOC?s, and how you can benefit from the growing adoption of video walls in the security operations center.
What Can Salamander Do For You
For more than 20 years, Salamander Designs? has been designing innovative, specialized furniture systems that are shaped by your needs. Learn more about Salamander?s professional grade furniture with integrated AV technology.
Which Button to Push - Selecting the Right Panic Button Solution for Instant Emergency Mass Notification
Join Alertus Technologies and PSA Security Network as we discuss best practices for selecting and implementing the four most popular panic button options: wall mounted, under the desk, desktop, and mobile. This webinar will also include a live demonstration of each panic button option.
Why Buy an NVR, When You Can Buy an iFT
Find out how you can quickly & easily deploy a reliable, cost-effective remote monitoring solution with Xtralis.
Zenitel Presents: Enabling Clear Communication While Limiting Risk of Infection
For decades, Zenitel has helped healthcare organizations communicate. And now, more than ever, clear and intelligent communication in hospitals and other facilities is essential in protecting staff, patients, and visitors. Avoiding contact between infected and uninfected individuals has become a major priority at healthcare institutions of all kinds, and facilities have had to quickly develop guidelines, procedures, and policies in support of this goal. Learn about solutions that are available to assist those who are continuing to work the front lines and protect us.
ZENITEL Presents: Intelligent Communications in a Campus Environment
Keeping employees, students, and visitors safe and protected is a key priority in any campus environment. Join us to learn how intelligent, interoperable communications enable a campus security team to work more efficiently, respond more quickly, and make better decisions.
Zenitel Presents: TCIV+ Next Generation Video Intercom Solutions
Zenitel's innovative new TCIV+ video intercom station delivers HD Voice, HD Video, and Intelligent Critical Communication at the edge. Learn how the new Turbine TCIV+ video intercom station allows users to mitigate security risks more effectively than ever before through a unique combination of HD Voice, HD Video, and a new powerful chipset for enhanced future functionality. Together, this adds up to industry-leading Intelligent Communication solutions, delivered with the exceptional support and reliability for which Zenitel is known.
ZKTeco Presents: Establishing the Foundation of Your Security in the New Normal
Today's customers need to know the whereabouts of both their employees and visitors. But why pay for security guards & receptionists when there now exists touchless unattended visitor management & access control systems? These devices can check for valid appointments & identification, confirm health check questionnaire is completed, scan for body temperature & face mask compliance, and then unlock doors/gates, accordingly. These systems are surprisingly affordable and simple to install if you do your homework. This webinar will review how this new touchless technology works and best practices. Presented by: Larry Reed | CEO | ZKTeco USA